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So what does an industrial photographer in Denver Colorado have to do with stars? A mind can wander to strange connections, especially in pandemic isolation.


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Throughout human history, each person from every spot on earth has looked into a night sky to ponder the exact same moon (give or take a few craters). Even the ruthless and the terrible ones must have experienced at least a brief moment of humility – of feeling small. Yet a night under canopy of stars and moon breathes vigor into our bodies and our minds. 

My son and I have camped many times over the years yet I remember one night in particular. On previous camping trips, we pitched a tent before dusk near, but not too close to where our campfire would be. Then we’d gather wood, eat supper and talk about everything until the fire died. 

But on this night on this night, we were camping on cliffs overlooking a canyon. It was a warm summer night with no signs of threatening weather. So I suggested we set out our tarp and sleeping bags alone, without a tent. At first, my son (who was about 9 years old at the time) was almost shocked by the idea. Sleeping out in the night air without a tent seemed foreign. But he quickly warmed to the idea and said, “tonight the stars will be our tent”. We stayed up late talking about everything.

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Pyramids of recycled asphalt product – RAP are illustrated by industrial photographer at sunset. Photoshoot comes from United Gravel and Oldcastle near Grand Junction.


So what does tentless camping under stars have to do with an industrial photographer for Colorado? Our canyon camping was on the west slope of Colorado. So was the photoshoot from where some ofthese pictures come. But that’s just a minor link.

Maybe it’s because of my interest in history. When I ponder life, thoughts often recycle back to time – geologic time. The significance of one human lifetime when compared to the existance of moon is like a drop of mosquito-piss in the ocean. Even five lifetimes seems small when staring at the moon. Yet it is precisely 5 lifestimes (200 years) that human industrialism has altered the planet as we know it.

Oh, the planet will survive. Coyotes and cockroaches will probably survive too. How humans survive will depend, in part, to how we control the evolution of industrialism. When we look up to our moon we will know that industry is what made possible the explortion of it. And when our overheated planet spews torrential storms and uncontrolable wildfires, we’ll know that too was a result of our undustrious ways.

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Industrial aerial drone photography depicting oil drilling opperations in Oklahoma after rain.


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