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The first thing I do when I land any business photography assignment for a corporation, a sole proprietorship or a non profit organization, is to scout the location. The direction of light entering through a window can make or break a picture. Just an hour difference in the scheduled time of the business photogaphy photoshoot can be huge. And the tricky part about scouting a location is visualizing reflected light from other glassy buildings at different times of day. When I scout a location for a business photography job, I don’t have time spend the whole day there, so I look for angles from where light and reflection come and anticipate the most interesting.

Business Meeting Photography
Editorial photography Denver depicting office meeting of four.
Office Work Photography
Business photography candid editorial business action photo is backlit by large office tower window.
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Tips for Business Photography

In the days befor a business photography photoshoot, I remind my client a few tips that will make better the results. Hair is huge element for better pictures. I can’t count the times I’ve heard, “Edward, we love the pictures but Samual’s hair looks hideous”. Ok, they don’t really say “hideous”, but that’s what everyone is thinking.

In Colorado’s arid climate, skin moisturizing is important to maintaining a healthy look. I recommend that everyone, even those blessed with olive skin, should moisturize often. Except never never never on photoshoot day. Glossy shiny looking skin messes up good pictures.

One would think it common sense to press their clothes on the day of a photoshoot. Yet I’ve spent way too many hours ironing wrinkles in post-production. I prefer solid shirts and blouses but I don’t usually make wardrobe recommendations. I simply tell people that they should wear what makes them feel attractive or powerful. Before every business photography session, I stress to the marketing agent or art director that everyone’s clothes should be well pressed.

The business photography in this article comes from a corporate photography editorial photoshoot I did for Extraction OG. Notice the care all these folks took to look awesome for their pictures.

Redhaired office worker

My Direction During The Photoshoot

Even before the photoshoot, I begin the process of making people feel at ease. I ask the marketing manager or art director for ample time. I’d rather exhaust my client than leave the best shots unmade. Most executives and office personnel haven’t done any modeling or acting. So they’re not aware of the time it takes to acheive a superior image.

But I know too, that my client’s time is valuable. So I’ve developed a style of efficiency and quickness.

I’ve had so many business photography assignments over the years that I’ve become savvy about waht to expect. I know beforehand, that at least a few folks will grimace for the camera. And I hate that. It looks cheesy when the executives look overly aware of the camera. So I try to let everyone become involved in the production. Too much direction can spoil spontaneity and what we’re all aiming for are pictures that feel natural and real.

I encourage the executives to interact with each other as if I were not there. Office meeting images always seem more realistic when people are engaged in daily business conversation. Even when creating executive portraits and headshots, I encourage natural conversation. It helps loosen body language and makes business photography feel natural.

Business Photography Denver Colorado
Business photography depicting office meeting of five in front of window showing Denver and snow capped Rocky mountains.

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