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Vintage B&W Photography 1950

 Vintage B&W Photography 1950s

 The Works of Master Photographer Edward Angelo DeCroce


Archiving the works of photographer Edward Angelo DeCroce would not be complete without including vintage B&W photography 1950s. This series of a young boy’s first haircut was made in late 1955.

A portrait photographer who later built an international following of his style, E. A. DeCroce was a photojournalist at heart. This series was made using a 4×5 Speed Graphic. Each image was created with deliberate attention.  In large format photography, several seconds elapsed while the dark slide was pulled and the 4×5 film holder was flipped and placed back into the focal plane. Modern photographers who have grown accustom to exposing over 20 frames per second, marvel at the skill of vintage photographers.

Vinage B&W photography 1950s is a glimpse into the past –– a visit to a lost era. Photographers anticipated key moments in an event while capturing each precise moment. In essence, they edited a story in real time.

Photographer Edward A. DeCroce passed away in 1983. Had he survived, he would have been 100 years old this March 2019. As a recognition of his vast achievements, DeCroce’s granddaughter Tonya DeCroce has worked tirelessly in an effort to chronicle his life and his imagery. She has traveled the world to find the stories and faces behind published stories. Photographs of his Denver Symphony Orchestra series, his outdoor portraiture and other works will be displayed at a reception in his memory. Please join March 6, 2019 –– details TBA.


Archival black and white photo

First Haircut 1955

Vintage B&W photography 1950sFirst Haircut



This series of vintage B&W photography 1950s by the late Edward Angelo DeCroce is an authentic depiction of a boy’s first haircut. Shot in McKees Rocks Pa, large prints hung in the barber shop for decades. The photographer recorded his own family for the photo essay. Viewers  savor the natural beauty of his wife Signe G. DeCroce.

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