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3 Best Commercial Photographers Denver


DeCroce Photography Selected to ‘Best Business of 2018’


It’s an honor to be selected as one of the best commercial photographers Denver.

As a business owner, I’m bombarded daily with offers to list with websites and pay for SEO. So what thrilled me about this accolade, was the purity of intention. The criteria for “Three Best Rated” is extensive.

Created with a simple goal, Three Best Rated® helps consumers to find the top 3 local businesses, service professionals, health and restaurants in any city. Editors at Three Best handpick top 3 local businesses. They research a business’s reputation, history, complaints, ratings, proximity, satisfaction, trust, cost, general excellence and reviews using a 50-Point Inspection. They display only businesses that are completely verified.

Denver 3 best photographer Denver

Three Best (logo) selected DeCroce as the three best commercial photographers in Denver 2018.


Best commercial photographers Denver based, vie for diverse consignments. We show the kind of work we love to do and we continually look for new exciting assignments. Commercial photographers rarely get new subject matter without showing specific examples.  As Ad agencies search talented commercial photographers, their job is to pair the right photographer style with what their client wants.


Back in the film days, I loved to photograph skiing and other outdoor sports. While on assignment for Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine, I shot cover stories on olympic medalist Billy Kidd, Frank Gifford and Kathy Lee Gifford. While I do have a few outtakes, the magazine had a strict usage policy. So for me to attract more outdoor work, I simply need to show more outdoor work

Digital imaging changed photography in so many ways. For one thing, start-up photographers have equal access to search engine rankings. If they’re savvy about SEO, they can attract inquires and undercut experience.

And that’s the wonderful thing about Three Best rated! They take into account more than just how well someone can manipulate Bing, Google or Yahoo. They noticed that DeCroce Photography has been in business since 1960 in Denver (whoa, almost 60 years). They see that we have a perfect Better Business Bureau rating. And they read the multitude of client accolades. I do believe that they even contacted me anonymously as a potential client.

Commercial photography is much different than consumer photography. We work with an entire team of professionals, assistants and producers with a singular goal –– to create luring imagery as assigned by an art director at an ad agency. Being selected as one of the 3 best commercial photographers Denver will be noticed by ad agencies.

Denver Commercial Photographer

This ‘behind the scene’ photograph comes out of a studio assignment from a Houston based ad agency –– The Company (of others). At the end of a long day shooting in the studio, I made some casual fun shots for the technicians and actors.



Commercial Photography Crew

After the work was done, the crew hams it up in a group photo.
Here we have make-up artist Suzanne Blons (blue blouse) art directors, producers, assistants and brand managers. I’m the taller one in the back row.


Genre’s of photography often overlap as the lines of distinction blur.  A few years ago, after completing executive portraits for an Energy company, the marketing director asked if I also do field work. I had in fact done oil platform photography back in the film days. But once again I had not bothered to scan the old transparencies for my website. Somehow I managed to convince her that I was worth the risk. The next thing I knew I was on the plane to shoot derricks in Pennsylvania. One thing led to another and last year I shot three cover stories for Oil And Gas Investor Magazine.

But that’s a different kind of commercial photography. It’s the kind where I work alone. And it’s also called industrial photography which is the subject of a different blog story.

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