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Signe G. Decroce 1916 -1990


On March 25 Signe G. DeCroce would have been 103 years old. Born in 1916 to Norwegian immigrants, she grew up on the eastern plains of Montana.

 It’s funny to think back on forgotten expressions from bygone eras. To say ”behind every great man is a great woman” is a sentiment not uttered in most if any social circles in 2019. The ‘behind’ part is what sounds most dated. The saying originated simultaneous to another new term – suffragette. In the early 1900s women advocating for women’s suffrage (the right to vote) were seen as militants. So looking at these two expressions from a historical perspective gives a glimpse into an evolving role of the average woman in 1916. On the one hand, they were demanding to be heard. And on the other hand, only a very few women were considered great in their own right. Most great women of that era quietly built a platform from which success was made possible.

This post is a tribute to the greatest woman I’ve every known — Signe G. (Barstad) deCroce, my mother. Her life can be recounted in this way:

Beside every great woman is a great man.
We’re not detracting from my father’s creative ingenuity here! Edward A. deCroce’s mastery of creating timeless portraits is well documented. In his finest work, he captured his subject’s soul on film while telling their story in a single moment frozen in time. Books and websites are developing now with the intent to honor his legacy.
But without his wife and business partner of over 40 years, E.A. deCroce could never have thrived the way he did. In every way, Signe G. deCroce was the catapult of her lover’s dreams. Her selfless spirit was the glue that bound her family, her business and the love of her life.
With the tireless efforts of Tonya and the archival team, we share with you a few photographs of Signe G. DeCroce.
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