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Beautiful woman photography


The kind of beauty that’s hard to see and more fufilling to photograph is the kind owned by Sophia.

Her beauty comes from inside.

In real life, Sophia is fine looking woman over 40.

Her physical beauty is as brilliant as her smile. Her figure, soft and graceful.  She is a confident self sufficient woman.


Beauty Photography

Beauty photography on beach.

Fiercely Independent Woman


The first thing I noticed about Sophia was her secret smile. I’m not talking about the smile someone uses in a photograph, although her camera smile is equally brilliant. It’s her expression when she thinks no one is watching that is so cute.

A business profile photography photoshoot often evolves into a beauty photography photoshoot. But this photoshoot worked out out just the opposite. We started doing beauty photography and we ended up making some portraits for her business profile.



Colorado Nature Photographer

Nature photographer Sophia Floyd working in Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado.


beauty photography

Strong independent woman

Cowgirl Beauty over 40

A Colorado native, Sophia is part cowgirl. Her love of horses inspired her to create a horse training business when she was still a teenager.

women over 40.

Portrait woman over 40

The mother of three grown children, Sophia’s life is focused on contributing to the lives of many others.



Art people Photography

Portrait women over 40

Sophia has rehabilitated many hurt and ailing hands in her career. She’s an occupational therapist










































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