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Family Photojournalism

Portraits And Other Pictures From A Family Photoshoot

Family photojournalism is still a passion of mine. I do far less consumer photography now, but I love a professional family photo-shoot.

Black and white toddler in papa's hands


 Capturing real-to-life moments is my forte and my passion.

I first met Maureen on a professional photoshoot for a law firm. Fox Rothschild sends new attorneys to me every year for full length portraits and head-shots to be used on their website. And although the requirements are a bit stringent, we always have fun.  I felt an instant connection during our fun commercial photo-shoot.

 I was delighted when she inquired about a possible family photojournalism session.



Child professional photojournalism

Magical eyes and the purity of childhood.

Don’t we all love finding pictures in the clouds?

Family photojournalism

Getting down at a toddler’s level can be an interesting view.

Portrait Family Denver


Maureen and Ryan graciously welcomed me into their home for the family photojournalism photo-shoot.

And their daughters Eva and Greta were pure joy to photograph.

While I do like the formal (every-hair-in-place) sort of family photo-shoot, my preference is for a looser realistic version.

For my style of photography, Maureen’s family was a perfect fit.

Not only did we have fun, we also got fantastic results.


Family Photojournalism

family photojournalism


We started our session in the mid afternoon with in home family photojournalism before we ventured outside and to a nearby park.

A setting sun and two exhausted little girls sent us back home for a few more shots.

Family Photojournalism

 Family photojournalism Denver

Bye bye sweet Greta. Until next time.

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