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Fourteen Years

 A Boy Growing Up



Wasn’t it just last year

that you first showed off your smile?

And your first words …”door and moon” was that last year too?

I’m pretty sure you meant “cheerios” when you said “deardoes” .. is that right?.


Wasn’t it just last fall

that I could hold you in one hand?

We flew around the house like superman?

You amazed everyone when you stood up for the first time, just weeks after surgery.

You learned to run, you learned to fall. But you always got right back up.



Wasn’t it just last spring

that you went off to school.

Your teachers were (and are) amazed with your keen mind?

I do wish you’d write down your language… so I could learn it too.


Wasn’t it just last summer

that you were hooked on trains?

Thomas first, then Tinytown. Cripple Creek and the Georgetown Loop.

Each new passion warms the heart of everyone around you – trains, space, superheroes and of course, language.


And then came BASEBALL! …..Wasn’t that just last summer?

Baseball, skiing, sledding, futsal, hockey, swimming, skiing…

Is there a sport you can’t do?

Thanks for letting me play them with you …even though you always beat me.



Wasn’t it just tomorrow

that you went to high school?

You’re not ready to swim off yet,

but when you do, I hope you’ll look back

and remember the joy you’ve given to all of us.


Happy 14th birthday Levi…  the best kid in the world.








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