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Denver people photography, consumes over half of what I do.  So for now, “Denver people photographer Edward De Croce” is my new moniker.   And after all, “Denver people photography” includes Denver Corporate photography, Colorado commercial photography and a host of other phrases like Colorado executive portrait photography and business head-shots in Denver .

Sure, I do get a variety of clients who commission me for national commercial photography projects and it’s not uncommon for me to photograph international CEO executive portraits.  As much as I still enjoy traveling for corporate field photo-shoots with durations of several days, I’ve had to take a long look at the bottom line in travel photography.  And although photographers are compensated over 5K for shooting days, $800 for travel days plus expenses, the effort to create award winning type photographs takes more effort on the road.

In this new reality, I’ll travel five to ten times a year doing large budget corporate field photo-shoots.  Each photo-shoot will be 5 days in duration and pay $6,500 or more per day.  Destinations will include Fiji in February and Norway in July.  But the bulk of my business will continue to be centered in my base.  I won’t rest easy until I’ve photographed every person in Denver at least once at my normal rate of $800 per session.  Oh yes, the phrase “Denver People Photographer” is perfect.


Readers might be wondering what all of this has to do with the wedding album post seen herein.

Well… brides and grooms are people aren’t they?  And the wedding did take place IN Denver.  The wedding of Libby and Scott was a sublime affair as these page designs attest.


Now, although I’ve eased up on the weddings photography, the images collected in this album are truly spectacular.  This is Libby and Scott’s 68 page wedding album.


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