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Executive Portraits and Head-shots – WPX Energy

I love doing Corporate Location photography in Denver.  Executive portraits and business head-shots photography at the WPX Energy office in Denver  is like working in a giant indoor/outdoor studio.  WPX has had me back several times to do corporate location portraits of their executives.  Each time I’m amazed by the team of confident yet easy-going business people.  Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of capturing corporate field photography and corporate event photography for WPX.  And I’m looking forward to a new corporate field on the west slope of Colorado slated for this spring.


The executive portrait photographs posted here were all done in one day.  But prior to that, I was consumed with corporate location photography in Denver and photo-shoots for several national corporations.  The art-direction for those portrait photo-shoots was blander and uninspired –  simple vertical head-shots against a seamless background.  The morning part of the shoot for WPX was well underway before I remembered (was reminded by Janet) that the format was to be horizontal.  I’ve long preferred a horizontal portrait of a single business executive.  Horizontals just seems to show the corporate environment better than a vertical.  Plus, a horizontal image is more conducive to a web page.  One of the horizontal portraits published on this blog was actually captured as a vertical format.  I created additional space on both sides transforming it into a horizontal image.  Here’s a little contest – De Croce Photography will give a free photo-shoot to the first person who can correctly identify the altered image.


Thanks to the sublime make-up by Suzanne Blons who makes my Denver executive photography sparkle.


Corporate Photography – Executive location portraits in Denver for WPX Energy



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