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Corporate Portrait Photography in Studio for ICE3D

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The corporate portrait photography for ICE3D assignment presented by CEO Clair Burrows, was a fun challenge.  Her branding plan for website portraits was direct and simple yet it allowed for creative corporate photo-shoots in the Denver studio.  Art direction for the “Who We Are”  webpage for ICE3D called for a clean seamless white background.  Each business portrait was to be done on the white background with one simple prop-an office chair.  The men of ICE3D were to be photographed with a dark grey and black chair.  While the women of ICE3D would be portrayed on with a red chair.


The art direction was loose enough to allow for creative posing.  The goal was to make each corporate portrait photograph as unique within the perimeters of a simple white background…  And we all had a blast at the corporate studio photo-sessions.


Of course my job of creating unique but similar corporate studio portraits was aided by the entire team at ICE3D.  They all arrived at the corporate studio photo-shoot impeccably groomed having been professionally make-up.  And everyone brought an awesome lively attitude. The women of the team at ICE3D are ALL good looking which of course adds to their success.  While the men are ruggedly handsome.


When you check out the website pages at ICE3d you’ll see some of my work (icepics).  Although some of the images seem a bit overcropped, you’ll get a feel for the warmth of the the corporate team portraits as well as the fantastic job they do with office design in Colorado.  Here’s a little blurb from their website.

“Imagine a furniture plan that fits your unique business needs, is easy to understand, and saves you money. We do that. We custom tailor commercial environments using innovative 3D software. When partnered with our service-driven management model it’s a match made in design heaven.”

ICE3D CEO Clair Burrows (right) contacted DeCroce photography to capture creative corporate portraits in studio. The goal was to create unique yet similar business portraits against a white seamless using one red chair for the women and a dark grey chair for the men.

Steve Burtis (center) is the founder of ICE3D


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