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Office Headshots Photoshoot

professional office portraits and headshots on location.
Sometimes, during an office headshots photoshoot, an executive shows up who looks more like a professional model. Dr. Mike McGarry, Director of BD at CU Innovations could certainly moonlight on weekends as a model.

What was my first professional office headshots photoshoot? That question was asked by a young photography student last week. And I had to tell her I couldn’t remember. A life-long career as a professional photographer tends to blur single events and individual photoshoots. But I do remember a photoshoot on location with Pepsi-Cola from my early years. In the 1980s, I was commissioned to do l location headshots of 8 executives in their office. What happened was embarrassing at the time. But 40 years later, it’s a crack-up.

Using my Hasselblad and 120 film, I embarked on an office headshots photoshoot for Pepsi Company’s marketing and advertising usage. Everything happened as smoothly as I had hoped. Each executive enjoyed the photoshoot, the professional headshots were stellar, and the client was delighted. But what happened next is hilarious.

After the proofs were done, I had to travel for another commercial photoshoot the very next morning. So I told my new studio manager to invoice Pepsi, another location headshots photoshoot along with outstanding balances from other assignments. She seemed confused when I told her to add 7% sales tax. So I gave her an example: “If the bill is $100, then add $7.00 for tax.” I was on my way for an exciting commercial photoshoot in California and didn’t fret over business back home or the instructions I gave.

When I returned a few days later. I found she had added $7.00 to every invoice no matter what the original amount was. A $20 frame was billed at $27, a $1500 order was billed at $1507. And the invoice to Pepsico was addressed to “Billy Pepsi”

That particular studio manager did not last long.

Headshots for The Gates Institute for Regenerative Medicine and CU Innovations produced stunning results.

Google Reviews for Office Headshots Photoshoot

Recent location headshots photoshoots are memorable for better reasons. Take a look at recent Google Reviews for DeCroce Photography. You’ll find heartfelt testaments to my style.

Angie Hegel, Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist at CU Innovations on the Anschutz Campus had this to say:

“Edward is an incredible photographer who puts everyone at ease with his charming personality!

He was recommended by a colleague and after reviewing his work I knew I wanted to hire him immediately. His photography is beautiful, professional and I’m thrilled that he could work with us. We had large and small group photos taken, along with personal headshots of the CU Innovations team of 25+ at The University of Colorado at Anschutz. Edward is easy to to work with, open to collaboration (even with this long-time graphic designer) and made the whole process go very smoothly.

Having professional portraits taken can been intimidating and every signal one of my colleagues commented on his ability to set them at ease. They all seemed to truly enjoy the process even after voicing their hesitation and were pleased with their photos. We’ll be posting headshots online soon, along with our annual report and you can see my favorite group photo is shown here.

If you’re hoping to hire a professional photographer — no question — hire Edward! He was a joy to work with, flexible, accommodating and we are so happy with the stunning photos we now have to showcase our team. Big thanks for his excellent work!”

Portraits on location for CU Innovatiopns

Office Headshots photoshoot

Reflecting on the diversity of photoshoots I’ve had over the years is humbling. My gratitude goes out to each client as I couldn’t have been a professional photographer without you. You’ve commissioned me for and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed commercial-industrial assignments, landscape photography and architectural photoshoots. But my focus has been primarily on people photography.

Photographer for professional portraits create stunning portraits for marketing.

Only once was the person I was photographing not living. Being in business sometimes means taking jobs out of my sphere of operations. After all, bills have to be paid. But the gig was depressing as hell. I was once hired to document a man in a coffin by an insurance company. As my stomach turned, I could hardly see to focus through the tears in my eyes. The unfortunate gay man was beaten to death.

I prefer to focus on vital living humans from all walks. And while my photojournalism background prods stories of homelessness and the downtrodden, I also like clients who can afford my rate. An office headshots photoshoot is just the kind of project that produces good imagery while sustaining my craft.

Business office headshot photoshoot for CU Innovations and The Gates Institute fir Regenerative Medicine in Denver Co.
Choosing Professional Headshot Photographer

Choosing a professional headshot photographer is the right decision. And selecting the one that’s right for your business will provide lasting benefits. My goal is to make authentic real images that capture each person in their natural essence. And the photoshoot is a fun experience.

I’ve been selected as one of Denver’s top three best commercial photographers for the last 5 years

I love getting reviews on Google and Yelp like this one.

Lindsey Smith1 review 3 months ago

Edward is not only an amazing photographer but also a wonderful human!! I never expected getting my headshots taken would be such a fun and welcoming experience. The photos turned out lovely!”

Photographer created authentic real portraits for busy professionals.
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