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Image is a commercial corporate photography clients.
Real estate entrepreneur Melissa Gabriel sparkles during lifestyle photoshoot. Business Headshot photography was done on location in Downtown Denver.

For commercial photographers, getting back to work is finally happening. Business headshot photography and corporate branding photography have been on hold for over a year. Yet almost as suddenly as it began, pandemic isolation is subsiding. And commercial photography is in high demand.

Dare we say it out loud? Is an ugly year really done? Can we sing an anthemic farewell to pandemic days? Does alchemic treatment truly bring an end to toxemic paranoia? Will a polemic against systemic political insanity be useful or problematic? Can a totemic truce ring lasting tonemic trust?

Questions remain unanswered. But the simple joy of being able to get back to work is pure elation. Excitement pulsing through businesses in Denver is electric!

A giggly vibe of masklessness is happening. Fifteen months after the Governor closed the 2020 ski season, sports arenas are open to spectators once again.  People of Colorado are hugging strangers in the street simply because they can.

The Business of Commercial Photography

Businesses everywhere are opened and hiring. In my world, the business of commercial photography is revving up for a spectacular revision. With over a year to reflect on individual branding, established firms and startups alike recognize the need for improvement. They want new business headshot photography along with unposed office editorial photos. They want unique executive portraits that tell a story.  

I spent countless hours updating my own website throughout the pandemic. And I’m not unique in that way. Almost every new inquiry I receive starts with. “We’re looking to update our library of corporate images.”  Updated business headshot photography is essential. And continued rejuvenation to our own business portrait is critical. As the times turn back to what we once knew, our profile pictures we all need new portraits, business headshots and profile pictures.

The kind of clients that are attracted to my business photography are looking for unique pictures. They’re tired of the placelessness seen in business headshot photography across America. They want editorial images that tell a story –– the story of their own business. 

The commercial photography assignment for KM Search partners in Denver was to create expressive fun business photos for rebranding.

Candid Business aaction meeting outdoors.
Melissa Gabriel of Ascension Real Estate Group laughs with agent in candid business headshot action photography.

This image is a composite of commercial corporate photography clients and non profit editorial photography clients.
Business headshot photography was done on location at the bioscience building on the Anschutz Campus in Aurora Colorado. Charles Hickey is Director of Finance and Administration for the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility.

Agent Daniel of Ascension Real Estate Group poses in downtown Denver location for business headshot photography.

Business Headshot Photography

Long standing clients like The Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Keri Blair’s –– The Style Studio have reconnected for office editorial images and business headshot photography. And new clients like David and Laura Merage Philanthropy, Melissa Gabriel’s Ascension Real Estate Group and KM Search Partners have commissioned business headshot photography for their updated websites. I can’t wait to see how my commercial photography will enhance their pages. 

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But as we welcome our new maskless norm, let’s vow to remember 2020 in all its tasteless wicked atrocity. While essential workers and medical personnel wore themselves to the bone, countless others wallowed in hopelessness. Economies all around the globe flailed as governments mortgaged the future in an effort to rescue foodless masses.

Throughout the west as in Colorado smokeless skies vanished. The climate has changed –– the crisis is just beginning.

Compassionless political perspectives contrived meaningless visionless spin with no aim other than to tear down what once was. Characterless right wing liars continue their relentless fabrications on airwaves and screens everywhere.

History needs heeding. So while we recuperate and jubilate let’s see if it’s possible to ventilate a culture of racelessness, exhaustlessness and greedlessness.

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