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A KissCam Photoshoot Portrait

Portrait Photoshoot For KissCam Founder Dana Veitch


A KissCam photoshoot portrait for Dana Veich was a far-out, groovy experience man. The ritgheous-dude was amped with good vibe wearing super threads for our mellow day-trip photoshoot. It was out-a-sight! 

See, the thing is, I knew Dana in college. We were friends and worked together on school publications. So when archaic phrases from those olden days pop into my head, I just have to go with the flow.

Dana contacted me this year to create some executive portraits and profile headshots for his KissCam website. A Kisscam photoshoot portrait for Dana was a blast! And the results are primo. 

A KissCam Photoshoot

KissCam owner Dana Veitch is cast as the younger brother of Pierce Brosnan in a film about kissing in sports arenas.


The KissCam is a social pastime that has taken place at North American sports arenas since the 1980’s. The ‘kiss cam’ camera scans the crowd, selects a couple and uploads their live images on the jumbotron during a 1-2 minute timeout. Veitch created KissCam LLC and acquired the digital and IT trademark for KissCam globally.

In a world fraught with worries of COVID and social distancing, Veitch created and developed a mobile app, pioneered and patented the KissCam Contest where everyone watching games from the comfort of their homes and couches can enter the KissCam Contest to win prizes. Follow Dana Veitch for his new innovations, download the KissCam app and get ready to enter the KissCam Contest!

A KissCam PhotoshootKissCam


KissCam Owner Dana VeitchA KissCam Photohoot PortraitKissCam Photoshoot Portrait

Reminiscing about archaic words from the 1960s and 70s brings to mind an expression my dad often said –– “the throes of the depression”. This year of 2020 will certainly be recorded as an era of tumultuous change. We endure isolation and worry this winter in the throes of a pandemic only to resurface, not to normalcy, but rather into the throes of another calamity –– climate disaster. What solace found, will come from the human connections that allows us to survive hardship.

Thank you Dana for thinking of me for a KissCam photoshoot portrait and for recommending my work to others. The Vail Portrait Business Photoshoot with Nancy Fuqua was equally magnificent as we look forward to new adventures in the coming years.

Keep on truckin Dana!

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