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Denver Commercial Advertising Photographer Edward DeCroce on Photography and SEO in pandemic Isolation


Commercial advertising photographer Edward DeCroce is an award winning internationally published creator based in Denver Colorado. He possesses a rare combination of expertise, skill, talent and drive. Yet he’s still hungry for action in commercial advertising photographer assignments.

That’s a newly written opening paragraph for my bio. Is it good? Will time reward me with better Google ratings and new website visitors? 

Working on SEO (search engine optimization) is a good use of time and effort. We’re still in the midst of this ongoing pandemic… seems like years doesn’t it? Many of us are left with too much time in our minds and on our hands. While many others in the healthcare sector have burnt the candle at two ends for so long that the candle is all but burnt out.


Commercial advertisint photography Colorado

Promoting Denver commercial and advertising photograper with a Colorado landscape picture is like having a beautiful woman in an advertisement for new cars.



For those of us in business, self promotion is neccessary. That’s not to say we like it!  I’m not the kind of person who wakes up eager to write image descriptions or tag photographs with the right keywords. Yet I have become a little obsessive about it lately. I’ve reworked new and old pictures and created new content. If you’re inclined, please do check out the commercial advertising portfolio on my main website to see more. I’d love your honest opinions

When I read that opening paragraph to my teenage son who happens to be the news editor for his high school newspaper, he questioned the use of the word ‘assignment’. I wrote: “I’m “still hungry for action for commercial advertising photographer assignments”.  He said the use of “assignment” makes it sound as though I have a boss telling me what to do. “But wait”, I said, “assignment has always been the term used for the individual jobs as a commercial advertising photographer.” 

The origin the term “assignments” to describe commercial advertising photographer jobs, is probably tied historically to newspaper and magazine editorial photography. And whenever I’m commissioned by an ad agency or marketing director I do, at least temporarily, have a boss.   


Health Care Photography

Used as the annual reprt cover for last year’s Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine at CU Anschutz campus, this image DENVER COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPH has been reworked.
The research room was so completely dark that I could barley see to focus and AF (automatic focus) was useless. ISO was jacked way up resulting in a grainy outcome. I wanted less grainy noise and more detail. Hours of post production work gave the look I wanted for this advertisemnt photography.


Colorado Commercial Industrial Photography

In this reworked commercial advertising photographer image, an airport worker at Vail was shot from a low angle as he adjusts his gloves. The use of a super wide angle lens creates an odd eye catching effect. Focusing on people.


Photographer Client List Logos

While perusing other Denver commercial advertising photographer websites, I noticed that many of them display a page of client logos. I was surprised to see just how many past and current clients are represented here. It’s a crowded page of happy satisfied clients and I apologize for firms unintentionally omitted.
These are clients from the past present and ongoing. Dana Veitch’s KissCam, for example was a photoshoot done just last November, while Rod Allison’s Denver CityLax hosts an annual fundrasing outdoor “Dash” next week.
A few clients like Pepsi could be a little misleading to my readers. While I never did land an advertising assignment with Pepsi, I did lots of executive portrait photography for them. Here’s a funny story about the Pepsi assignment. I had a temporary office assistant at that time and I was heading out of town for on assignment. I left a note on her desk of tasks to do while I was gone which read, ” Send bill to Pepsi company, add tax 7.1%”. I had previously explained how to add 7.1% and used this example. If the invoice is $100, add $7.10 to the total. I later found out that she had added $7.10 to every invoice regardless if it was a $600 or a $6.00 sale. She addressed and sent the Pepsi invoice to Billy Pepsi. … Sometimes we just have to appreciate the bizarre!


Commercial Advertising Photoraphers

I’m pretty happy with this image and ad for G2 Secure Staff. It’s more polished than other commercial and advertising photographer works because it’s an oldie. Reworked in Lightroom and Photoshop, the original shot was captured with a Nikon D200 and a 10.5 mm wide angle lense.
The photograph captured at the Vail Colorado airport depicts an industrial airport worker spraying deicing fluid on the wings of the American Airlines Jet.

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