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Commercial Photography During The Pandemic



Commercial photography during the pandemic year has been as sparse as green grass in the winter. Things started out great in 2020 with medical editorial gigs and other commercial photography assignments. Then, as with so many other professions, it all crashed with the quarantine.

There were a few portrait photography jobs that came my way once we all started getting used to living with masks (thank you Annie and Michelle and Dana and others) And I did land one commercial photography in the warm summer before the surge.

The pictures posted here are commercial photography during the pandemic. They could also be called industrial photography or advertising photography. In any case, I learned a lot from the photography done for T2 Utility Engineers. And I had a blast!

We started out before dawn shooting at a quaint location ––  main street Golden.


Like many professional commercial photoshoots, each set-up on the shot list requires several “takes and re-takes”. As director and photographer, it’s my job to make each sequence look and feel as real as possible. So I’m often heard saying things like, “Ok, let’s try it again. This time extend your arm a little higher. Make it real (compared to what, right?).”

None of the people you see in these images were models. They were real engineers. And what made this particular photoshoot more tedious than usual is that each shot needed to be done with masks and again without masks. There will come a time when people will no longer be running around in masks. And commercial photography clients like T2 Utility will want options in their archive of images from which to choose.

T2 Utility Engineers

A low angle perspective in this advertising photography for t2 Utility Engineers helps to tell the story. “A utility engineer is a civil engineer who works for a utility company, such as a water, gas, or electric company. Their job duties are to design, implement, and maintain utility infrastructures, such as water or gas mains, electrical grids, and other types of delivery systems.” (Zip recruit

Commercial Photography During The Pandemic

Commercial Photograph

Commercial Photography During The Pandemic

After the morning industrial photoshoot in downtown Golden, we finished the day’s commercial photoshoot overlooking the town and highways.

Denver Industrial photographer DeCroce captured commercial industrial photography for T2 Engineers.

Denver Industrial photography for T2 Engineers wrapped up a one day photoshoot.

Commercial photography during the pandemic


The Denver industrial photoshoot for T2 Utility Engineers was a remarkable success. Thanks for having me as your photographer. Thanks for commercial photography during the pandemic.



It’s been a crappy year in so many ways, and yet we’re still here and we’re grateful to be alive. We’re grateful to have food and heat and most of all, to have love.

Thank you to all my friends who have reached out. Thank you to my sisters, brother in-law and the entire family. You all organized “distanced” get togethers that helped make the year seem more normal. Thanks to my love Sophia for bearing with me and to Levi for being the best son a papa could want!

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