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Denver Industrial Photography – Colorado and the Western US


Denver industrial photography, like so many genres, isn’t exactly what I aspired to do as a young photographer. It was, in fact, almost the furthest thing from my radar when I was starting out. The only thing less interesting to me than a Denver industrial photographer was forensic photography. But after a few industrial photography assignments came my way, I started to love it.


Advertising Photographer Denver

Advertisement photography for SKATIQ Gloves shot for Denver Industrial Photography and O&G Investor Magazine.

The Industrial photograph showcased in this article comes from an editorial photography magazine photoshoot for O&G Investor. Although it clearly is Denver industrial photography, Skatiq Gloves will probably pick it up this image to use in advertising photography print and screen ads. Better yet, the ad agency for Skatiq will probably commision me to create an entire series of worker editorial portrait photographs to be used in an advertising photography campaign. They probably will pay extremely well for their new advertising photography.
Sometimes I just can’t decide. Do I publish an image in color, in black and white, in sepia, or in some hybrid mix. Commercial photographers, industrial photographers and fine-art photographers tell me they too have a hard time with this choice.  And with this particular picture, I can’t even decide on my preferred orientation. I was lying on my back looking up at the sledged-hammer-wielding worker. My angle was so twisted that I’m not sure if I shot it as a vertical or a horizontal. So I asked a fellow photographer for his opinion. He said it reads better as a vertical. And I guess it does look more normal that way. But notice how much more the Skatiq Gloves stand out in a horizontal composition.

Editorial Photography Denver

Denver Industrial Photography b&w


Editorial Commercial Photography

Sepia vesion of Denver industrial photography worker wielding sledge hammer.


When I started my career in photography, I was like most fledgling photographers. My attraction was to breathtaking scenes of nature, rock concerts and events. In my early years, I spent a decade making landscape and abstract images. After creating a photograph in the camera, I made my own color prints (C-42), cut my own mats and even designed my own frames.  And I sold pretty well too. My astounding record was 35 prints sold in one month.

I stumbled on an idea that proved to be as popular as it was lucrative. Taking an old 8×10 camera (with a Packard shutter), into canyon wilderness by boat, I created what I thought woyld be magifiscent trasparencies. Only problem was, I had overexposed almost every sheet. My brilliant idea to fix the error was simple. Mounting the transparencies on 100% museum rag board gave a wonderful iridescent glow as though they were lit from the back. The works were sold as single edition works of art for $250. Don’t laugh, that was substantial money back then.


A vertical orientation does make the image more readable but notice the loss of emphasis of the SKATIQ Gloves. This image is also 1/2 sepia and 1/2 color.

The evolution of industrialism

Industrial photography across the United States eventually become a passion of mine. To me, industrial photography is a reflection of our world society. After almost two hundred years of human industry wrecking havoc on the planet, we are slowly witnessing the end of an era. Or more precisely, it could be called it the evolution of industrialism. Industrial imagery is changing and I think of these works as chronicling a transition. The grit and sludge of a cast iron age will diminish. Like neon signs and telephone booths, industry as we know it will be a thing of the past.

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