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Denver Professional Photographers at deCroce post 2016 Images

Snow and trees professional photography

A recent snowfall in Denver 2016.



by Edward C. DeCroce


As 2016 become history, we reflect back on images from (based in Denver) professional photographers at DeCroce. We’re proud of the quality as well as the variety of works. This is a lengthy article.


We thank the thousands of long-time clients who have supported and recommended us. Our inspiration is intensified by loyal commitment you – who call on DeCroce year after year. Denver professional photographers rely on the kind of unspoken promise that renews business relationships with fresh photo-opps. Year after years we aim to reward our long standing supporters with the kind of uncommon imagery that they’ve come to expect.


In 2016, professional photographers in Denver at DeCroce devoted their creative ingenuity to a myriad of commercial photography projects in Colorado and across the USA. We enjoyed industrial photography assignments Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and many other locations. We volunteered our expertise to youth sports groups and medical research projects. As in other years, executive portrait photography and business photography in Denver framed the foundation of our Denver professional photographers business.


But this year was not a smooth ride. More than many others, 2016 was a year of consternation and double whammies. Denver professional photographers rely on a longstanding client base – they also need new clients. As much as we depend on old clients recommending new clients, Denver professional photographers need internet exposure. There is no magic plateau from which an entrepreneur can rest on past achievements. Not in the computer age.

In January, we were shocked to learn that search engines like Google had suddenly demoted DeCroce Photography Dot Com from the top spots to lower pages – overnight. Keyword phrases like “Denver professional photographers”, “executive portrait photographers Denver” or “Colorado commercial photographers” had previously displayed DeCroce at the top of the organic search list. But all at once, we were relegated to the caboose. No one scrolls to page 10 to find Denver professional photographers. The problem was either new algorithms from Google or abandonment from our host server Livebooks. It might well have been a combination of both.

The result was humiliating. Professional photography studios in Denver who had been in business for less than a year had suddenly commandeered top billing. Despite showing work that depicted genres unrelated to the accompanying keywords, new professional photographers leapfrogged over longtime Denver professional photographers.

Websites are no longer built for a computer. They are built to look good on a clever phone. The astounding statistic is that 90% of searches for “Denver professional photographers” are on a phone. This makes older websites (older that three years) obsolete.  The days of flash websites for photography are rapidly coming to a close. That so many viewers now see our work on a phone is distressing news to professional photographers and artists of all sorts. Choosing a pro photographer is not the same as deciding on Chinese take-out.  Imagine visiting a museum which displays only miniature works.

If you’re viewing this post on a phone, please consider reentering the web address on a computer with a decent sized monitor –– at least a pad.



Twenty sixteen was year of inventing new professional photography assignments.



boy sledding in winter

From January 2016, “boy sledding” was created for a sports eyeglass marketing project by Denver professional photographers.



Nature Photography

In August, I posted Pissing Hummingbirds. In it I describe how this tiny creatures completely captured my attention. I could not stop myself from making more and more exposures. Here are a few.

Denver Photographer of Gossamer Beauty

This gossamer beauty comes from a self-assignment of hummingbirds in flight.

Denver photographer DeCroce did not see the Hummingbird pissing in real-time. It was only when the images were downloaded to the computer that the piss was discovered.




Colorado photographers

                                         On this one, I did some “painting” and other artistic enhancements.



Executive Portrait Photography – Heart of… Denver Professional Photographers At DeCroce


We’ll never grow tired of creating unique portraits for business people, writers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to see beyond the veneer. Our curiosity unveils the people we photograph.  Edward Angelo DeCroce said it best when he wrote in a 1978 article for professional photographers: “A superficial interest of a person will result in a superficial portrait.”

Many other business profiles can be seen on our main website. And a recent article on this blog Inside Executive Portrait Photographers describes how Denver professional photographers put together an executive portrait photoshoot.

two portraits of attorneys in Denver

Attorney portraits from Kelly and Walker are among top all-time favorite business portraits.

Denver photographers

Sports writer Jonah Keri at Coors Field – from “Portraits of a Baseball Writer”  ( April 2016 ).

Denver professional photographers from DeCroce create variety in style for business head-shot photography.


In late 2015, I was reintroduced to my reliable friend –– the 20mm lens. This one is rectilinear.




Youth Baseball Sports Photography

Capturing my favorite subject is always a top passion. This season, I obsessed over getting great action shots of each player. Levi (same last name) has loved playing baseball since age 5. He was nominated to the all star teem several times but his teams sucked – finishing in the cellar every year. 2016 was a special year under coach Mike Thurman and assistant coaches. The Reds went 15-1 beating the Bluejays in the championship game.


red and blue baseball caps tossed into the air

After years of losing seasons, the Reds won the championship for 12 year olds of SE Denver baseball. This is a blog post still waiting to be written.

Two youth sports baseball photos.

The fun part of youth sports photography is catching these awesome expressions.
Here are some shots of my favorite subject. Levi was 12 during the baseball season. Capturing youth sports action shots is almost as much fun as playing the game.

I wanted to make an uncommon youth baseball team picture. With the aid of Denver fine art photographer Zach Singer as my assistant, I’m happy with this result. The flip mount of the LCD screen on the Nikon D750 was also a big plus. I didn’t have to lay on the ground to get the shot. It was shot at dusk with three Alien B strobe lights and one Nikon SB900.



This fine art photography depiction of Denver tower reflections is by Denver Photographer Edwards DeCroce.

Fine art photography “Tower Reflections” was created by Denver professional photographer Edward DeCroce during a lawyer portrait photo-shoot.


This was captured in the lobby outside the Goldman law Firm in February 2016.


Professional photographers in Denver at DeCroce create dramatic industrial photography.



…………Three Broken Feet in One Year………….

Boys who play hard sometimes get hurt. Levi broke his foot three times in 2016. Luckily, it was the left foot made from multi layers of carbon fiber.


Business Photography for Moser Aviation



Marty and Sara Moser of Moser Aviation.


Interior Photography


Professional photographers from DeCroce focus on people most of the time. But we also create inanimate compositions like interiors. This was done for Maxx Properties.

Black and white photo of roughnecks at work

Roughneck” ( July2017 ) was written as a tribute to to the workers of the Energy business. It was also an attempt to practice prose.

B&W portrait of Energy photography Forman

Energy foreman in West Virginia.

A yearly project to photograph the City Lax gala keeps honed our event photography skills in Denver. The mission of Denver City Lax “is to create educational and enrichment opportunities for youth in underserved Denver neighborhoods through the sport of lacrosse.” ………………………………………………………………….. In this editorial photography image, we see Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrisee engaged in conversation.

business meeting photo

Editorial photography in Denver was part of the conversation in “Denver Commercial Photographers Rock” ( April 2016 ). And the image was also used in DeCroce Blog article ( January 2016 ) on the Denver professional photographers’ work for ESP Settlements.

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