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Executive portrait photography:


This article is written for business people, executives and CEOs who want to look their best in executive portrait photography. It’s also written for executive portrait photographers. Writing advice for both sides of the camera lens in one article might seem like a reach. But any professional photo-shoot is a shared experience between the photographer and the subject. And what compels executive portrait photographers is the opportunity to create inspired portraiture of women and men at the top of their profession.

Professional photographers at DeCroce have a long tradition of making innovative executive portraits in Denver. And we travel to cities across the USA for corporate executive portrait photography. We have been for over 50 years. Advertising agencies and corporate marketing professionals call on us when they’re looking for innovation.
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Denver executive portrait photography in downtown Denver location.

This executive man portrait photography with downtown cityscape for JE Dunn Construction was captured  just moments before a deluge rainfall turned 17th downtown Denver into a river. Suzanne Blons did the make-up for this executive portrait.

Denver lawyer in woman executive portrait photography with light and shadow background

As professional executive portrait photographers, we look for subtle but graphically interesting backgrounds. Sometimes a simple pattern of light and shadow augments the composition. Make-up by the sublime talent –– Suzanne Blons.


Executive woman portrait photo on stairs

Executive woman portrait photography of Misty Lynes-Orzech was done as part of a marketing photography project of the Dallas based executive for Optis.



Based Denver Executive Portrait Photographers

Executive portrait photographers from deCroce in Denver traveled to Pittsburgh Pa for corporate photo-shoots. The business photography project for WPX included both industry field photography and corporate executive portrait photography. When traveling to other cities, professional business photographers streamline their camera and lighting gear. Depending on the nature and expectations of the assignment, photography pros will often seek out local assistants as I did for this photo-shoot.

Executive portrait photographers

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