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Portraits of a Baseball Writer – Jonah Keri

Denver People Photographers Capture Sports Writer’s Stance at Ballpark



As Denver people photographers, we portray a full spectrum of the city’s recognizable faces.

I’ve been photographing the famous, and the ordinary folks of Denver for several decades now.

And before that, my renowned father, Edward A. DeCroce, filled his days creating exquisite

images of Denver’s applauded personalities. We’ve worked in offices, homes, boardrooms and lofts.

We’ve sought out interesting visual surroundings in symphony halls, courthouses, airports and back alleys.

And we’ve been invited to shoot behind the scenes in the wings of theaters and in private judicial chambers.

But I had never done a Denver-people-photography-portrait-session in a ballpark.

The professional photo-shoot was a blast and the results were exceptional.


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Jonah Keri portrait

I love the diversity of this strong B&W portrait of sports writer Jonah Keri, compared to other softer portraits.



“Life is a Game, Baseball is Serious.” For baseball writer Jonah Keri, baseball is life.

He’s written books about baseball, starting with Up Up and Away, and followed by The 2% and

Baseball – Between The Numbers. Jonah is a regular analyst on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.

And he writes about baseball for Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports.

Denver Portrait photographers

Uncommon Denver portrait photography of sports writer Jonah Keri at the ballpark.



We met at the ballpark long before the game started. With ambient light glancing off thin clouds above,

shadows were illuminated the way a giant soft-box would do. The quality of light was perfect – almost.

Photo-student Natasha Braegger assisted with adding just a touch of supplementary light.


Jonah’s sensitivity to brightness limited our choices. Broad lit shots, with Jonah looking up

toward the light source, were problematic. His expressions seemed unnatural in those compositions,

so I ruled out that perspective as an option. But angling my composition slightly up

allowed Jonah to look down onto the playing field. With glare diminished, his presence returned with natural ease.

Many of the shots displayed here showing the side-angle of the stadium were done with

the aid of a large reflector. And towards the end of the photo-shoot, I bounced

SB-900 strobe light off the reflector positioned by Natasha.


Denver people photographers

Sports writer Jonah Keri at Coors Field.

Denver portrait photography

Baseball announcer in ballpark

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