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Denver photographers from DeCroce and other Denver photographers sometimes rework images from past years. Typically, what happens is that a client contacts us regarding a photograph they misplaced or ruined. The word “photograph” in 2016, can mean a digital file or a paper print. It could even reference an image in a publication, like this blog. But when a client calls for an archived photograph, it’s almost always a digital replacement they need. Of course, they know that we keep all past files (pictures) on several different drives in case a situation like this should arise. We retrieve the archived image or images and send them off via We-Transfer


But because we’re so particular, it’s not unusual for us to re-work the photograph before sending it. And not unlike the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. one event leads to another to another. And before the business side pulls in the reins, a morning has slipped away. We start by looking up the requested image in Lightroom archives. Once found, we decide to rework the finer details first in Lightroom – then in Photoshop. But to bring the original raw file back to life, we’ll need to hook up the the spent external hard-drive that contains the folder.


For a photographer, browsing through old folders of their work can be a time-sucking project. Its not unlike flipping through family pictures. A quick scan abruptly turns into a long peruse. Only to the pro-photographer, its their career and reputation being scrutinized. So reworking old favorite images is more than just enjoyable. It enhances the portfolio.

Folder titles can conjure memories of the beautiful photographic treasures inside. Other folder names immediately bring back memories of a particularly fun photo-shoot. The title of this folder “Model Portfolio for Maddie” was both – a delightful shoot and some truly prodigious work.  How in the world did I miss seeing this frame (the black and white Model-In-Pond) during my initial edit years ago?


This version of “Model-In-Pond” was originally overlooked. Although entirely similar, both versions are solid compositions in their own right. I like the expanse of space around the subject in this one.




The photo-shoot of Maddie started at her parents home near Park Hill  in Denver.

We worked for several hours creating a wide variety of images to be used in her modeling portfolio.

And then the storm hit.

As Colorado plains storms do, it moved through

quickly. But not before it dropped an inch of rain and marble sized hail. With Maddie’s

mom chauffeuring, we went out in search of a rainbow. We found instead, a giant

pond perfect for play and creative photography.

After the photo-shoot, Maddie signed with Elite Modeling and did get some gigs with

other Denver photographers and New York photographers.

The brainy beauty is now a student at Stanford.


Denver model photography

This version of “Model-In-Pond” was the frame that first grabbed the eye of our editors.

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