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Corporate Photography – Editorial magazine photo-shoot of ReMax and Dave Liniger


This is one of the editorial shots from the Lore Magazine photo-shoot of Dave Liniger and ReMax. The editors at Real Trends wanted a mix of corporate editorial photography and executive portraiture.




Editorial Photography for Lore Magazine: Dave Liniger and ReMax:


Corporate photography is a term with vast implications and applications.  Calling myself a corporate photographer means that I’m adept at more than just one kind of photography.  And my expertise is a direct result of both the enthusiasm I put and and the joy I get back from each corporate photo-shoot.  CEO portraiture, editorial action photography and corporate field photography are each so different that some photographers prefer not to cross between one and another.  But I love to keep my cameras busy even doing routine corporate head-shots.


At the moment I saw this portrait in my lens, I knew it would be among my top photographs of Dave Liniger.


The corporate photo-shoot of REMAX CEO Dave Liniger for LORE magazine took place at the RMAX international headquarters just outside Denver Colorado.  The editors at LORE wanted portraits of the CEO Liniger as well as corporate action photography and story telling photojournalism.

When I arrived early on site to scout potential locations, I was asked to keep the photo-shoot to 45 minutes or less.  But Dave Liniger and the corporate team were having so much fun under the photographer’s exquisite direction, that the shoot lasted almost two hours.  Seriously, I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to Dave and the whole team at REMAX for their gracious hospitality.  And it was indeed a fun photo-shoot.

Dave Liniger portrait and with his dog.

REMAX CEO Dave Liniger (center) talks with members of his corporate team in the boardroom at the international headquarters near Denver.





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