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Maddie Kerr – Beauty and Brains!


Before the weather turned cold, I had the opportunity to update Denver modeling portfolio pictures for Maddie Kerr.  Photographing a model as beautiful as Maddie, is more pleasure than work.  With a silk face and long lean figure, she’s a natural.  I can’t think of a single denver fashion photographer who would not relish the chance to work with Maddie.


And Maddie is so much more than a pretty face – She’s a lovely combination of beauty and brains.  As I was preparing the model portfolio images for this post, I noticed her mom’s Facebook post that Maddie has been accepted to Stanford’s class of 2019 (one of only 743).  Brava Maddie!

We had a blast doing the model portfolio photography on a Denver train car. Maddie’s mom Lori was my assistant and gaffer.

We started the model photo-shoot at Maddie’s home on 17th Ave in Denver. Her brothers Dan and Brad inspired this shot while climbing on the arch as we worked below. When I saw the great light on the boys, I asked Maddie if she could get up on the stone fence.

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