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Executive Portrait Photography for Magazine Story

These are just a few of the magazine cover photography possibilities for Lore magazine.

Lore editor Tracey Velt contacted me from Florida about doing the photo-shoot for the cover story for the Magazine.
We talked about how to make an interesting dynamic magazine cover photograph that would stand out from the others.
The job was to photograph three executives who had amassed a great deal of real estate
and knowledge of the land business.  I had thoughts of photographing the three men at dusk against
the wide expanse of Rocky Mountain landscape.  And I traveled to several unique locations to scout out interesting vistas.
I thought about photographing the moguls at night against the bright-light cityscape or
in some exotic office tower.  I wanted to have my favorite make-up artist/stylist Suzanne Blons along and
I wanted everything to be perfect.
But when the day came for the photo-shoot one of the three executives could spare only one hour … at noon.
Sometimes professional photographer has to work fast and work under less than ideal circumstances.
But the three executives were a delight to work with and the results are, at least above par.
Executive-Photography-For Magazine-Cover-Story

Two of the possibilities of photographs to be used for the Lore Magazine cover.

The magazine will of course use these executive portraits in color rather than black and white.


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