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101 Years Young

Carmella Magnelli – All Italian Parts! 

On a recent commercial photography trip to West Virginia for Antero Resources, I was lucky to fly into and out of Pittsburgh Pa.  And that meant I’d have a chance to see my 101 year old Aunt Carmella.

Still living at her home in Mckees Rocks Pennsylvania, Carmella Magnelli is cared for by her incredible son Francis.  My visit was short and very sweet but Carmella’s playful mood kept me smiling all the way back to Colorado.

At 72, cousin Francis (goes by Frank, but we always knew him has Francie) is committed to the task of taking care of his mother.  But he and she get a break from each other three times a week when Carmella goes to a day-care facility.  When I asked her who’s her favorite person at the care center, she pointed at finger at me and said with an elfin-like western Pa. accent -“YOU!”

She might not have known who I was even after I told her I am her brother’s son.  But it really didn’t matter.  She’s beyond worrying about silly details like who’s who.

Spry and strong at 101.

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