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Sarah and B – Wedding Photography Denver Country Club

Elegant and Expressive Sarah and B at the DCC – Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at the Denver Country club.  DCC is always one of my favorite places to work, and the wedding of Sarah and B last Saturday was truly a treat to photograph.


B called me last winter.  He had seen the work I did for Kat and Dom’s wedding in Steamboat Springs and knew he wanted me as his wedding photographer at the Denver Country Club.   It’s a little unusual for the groom to select the photographer but as the date grew closer, it became even more strange that I had not yet met the bride.  Most brides are frantic during the weeks before the wedding.  They want to make sure every detail is in order.  I didn’t actually meet Sarah until the week before the wedding at the engagement session at the Denver Country Club.   But as the photo-shoot got underway, I knew immediately that Sarah would be a unique and wonderful bride to photograph.   Not only was she free of typical bride-stress, she was one of the most expressive and energetic peopleI had ever photographed.  Sarah and B, together form a duo of  boundless energy and photographic inspiration.


I’m sure Sarah and B are quite happy that they didn’t get married one Saturday later this July.  It rained all afternoon as the band in the clouds played their drums with ferocity.  But Sarah and B’s Saturday was about as ideal as one could wish.   As B and the boys dressed at the Denver Country Club, Sarah and the ladies, had their make-up and hair done to perfection at the Headlines Salon.  Just as Sarah was about to get into her exquisite wedding dress the rain rolled in.  The entire event was to take place outside and as I made a few photographs of Sarah at the window looking at he falling rain, I was sure she was feeling a little trepidation.  But as quickly as the drops fell, they evaporated into the cooled afternoon precisely in time for the procession.
Denver Country Club Bride Photos

Make-up at the Headlines Salon – black and White bride Photographs.

A few of Sarah’s many expressions in photographs at the Headlines Salon near the Denver Country Club.

DCC July 6, 2013 in bloom.


Wedding dress & Shoes photography.

B in black and white groom photography with tie and cufflink.

The brief rain was the perfect antidote for a hot July day. By 4:00 the rain let up and the sun was shining for the ceremony at 5:00.

Dressing bride Sarah at the DCC.


Bride Sarah in the dressing room at the Denver Country Club with and without veil.

Expressive photographs with moms.


Natural light wedding photograph Sarah on stairs.

Veil caught on stairs.


For the wedding photography shoot of Sarah and B, I was fortunate to have as my second photographer, the incredible Tony Gallagher.  And on a day with soft light, warm hearts, a most beautiful bride and an elegant groom, our cameras felt as inspired as ever.
The outdoor ceremony coordinated by Jenny and Lady Alice of the Denver Country Club  was as breathtaking as any dream.  And the reception that followed was reminiscent of  scenes in the film Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.
As the night darkened, the cool sounds of the Dave DeMichelis band Celebrate Nation Entertainment lassoed the guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor.
The night ended with a well choreographed exit through extra-long sparklers.
In Bali for honeymoon, B and Sarah’s life together is off to a harmonious beginning.

Sarah and her father drove golf cart to the bridge on the 4th hole for a grand processional.

Sarah’s father wipes a tear as the processional gets started.

Procession on flowered bridge with Lady Alice.

Great shot of a bride and father processional.











One of the best wedding ceremony pictures of all time. Photo at The Denver Country Club by Tony Gallagher.

Captured almost at the same moment as the previous photograph. The photographers had to be edited out of each of the two pictures.



Wedding Kiss on Denver Country Club bridge.


B and Sarah’s wedding guests in one photo at the Denver Country Club




The superb sounds of Celebrate Nation Entertainment.



Tony’s backlight on the balcony helped give an extra dimension to the sparkler grand exit pictures.



The wedding of Sarah and B was truly a festive and elegant event.  It was my honor to photograph it.

I did get a little carried away posting this story, but these are but a few of the many spectacular images captured by our cameras.  B and Sarah’s wedding album will be terrific.


Second Photographer…….. Tony Gallagher / Tony Gallagher Photography

Venue / Coordination ……… Jenny and Lady Alice Denver Country Club

Make-Up / Hair………………. Headlines Salon


Florist………………………. MEGAN Happy Canyon Flowers

Dress…………………….. Little White Dress of the Highands


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