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It’s been a fantastic summer for booking new and returning clients.  If fact, I’ve been so busy that I’ve not made time to blog.  Now, I’m determined to post at least a few of the many corporate photography jobs with which I’ve been involved.



The Petrie Partners had me back to their opulent offices last week to do the cover photograph for The Oil and Gas Financial Journal.  The photograph they chose is simple yet elegant with space for the masthead and other copy.  Truth be know, I did spend a great deal of time on retouching and creating space around the CEOs Tom Petrie and Jon Hughes.  But the goal is to create a magazine cover image that allows the viewer to see the portrait of the two CEOs and still read the copy.  Jon and Tom were very keen on showing the Petrie partners sign, their logo, and the sculpture.



The photograph for the magazine cover is designed with space for masthead and other copy. It features CEO portrait photo of Tom Petrie and Jon Hughes.

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