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Headshots for Denver Life Coach Troy West

Denver professional photographers get calls every day from business people inquiring about professional portrait photography in Denver, executive portraits, and creative headshots in Denver offices or other locations.  Sometimes the cost of hiring a real photographer comes as a shock.  But most business leaders already know that the best Denver photographers can offer far more than just a well exposed photo.  While pro photographers in cities like New York or L.A. charge at least $1,000 for a headshot portrait session, the going rate for a professional photo shoot in Denver is far less.  Rates for professional photography in Denver range between $400 and $900 for a business portrait session.

Life coach Troy West called late last week to set a time for his business portrait in Denver. He was ready set a time to do portraits for a new website before his business trip to Brazil. And the photo shoot was a resounding success.  If fact, it was one of the most fun business photo shoots ever for this photographer.  Not only is Troy a good looking and distinguished business leader, but he was looking for some very creative unique photography-something that would capture the eye of the casual web surfer.  We started with some interesting Denver headshots and finished 3 hours later with Troy lunging toward the camera lens like superman.  The Denver headshot session was shot on location at the Camren Studios by the corporate headshot photographers in Denver from DeCroce.

Denver business photography is a blast!



A Denver headshot can be serious and interesting all at the same time.




Dramatic lighting and a high camera angle work together to emphasize the strong face of Life Coach troy West in this Denver business headshot.




Who says a Denver business portrait should be dull. Troy was willing to try a fun approach to creating an unusual and dynamic business portrait in Colorado.


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