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Resort photography capturing Vida Del Mar beach and birds
Tropical resort photography for Vida Del Mar in Colima Mexico. Just as I framed the shot in my viewfinder, a tern flew into the composition. Sometimes luck happens.
Night Resort photography at Vida Del Mar Colima Mexico.
The view from the Vida Del mar condo balcony is spectacular. Resort night photography with stars was shot at f4 at 13 seconds. The condos in the foreground were exposed with a faster shutter speed (1/20). The two exposures were then edited together.
Landscape photographer Sophia Floyd depicts rocky shoreline in exquisite grace.
Oceanscape beach photography at dawn renders tranquil serenity. Landscape artist Sophia Floyd offers her unique vision of rocky shoreline.

Creating tropical resort photography is a gnarly, gristly job. A good resort photographer first needs to scout the restaurants, beaches and pools. They’re obliged to discover what makes the resort unique. They have to determine when the best light occurs and find unique perspectives.

It’s important to experience the atmosphere in the same way traveled visitors do. So liquid refreshment is vital. After all, a relaxed mind is a creative one. And discovering the uniqueness of a resort is how visuals can tell a story. This part of a tropical resort photography shoot is called scouting or discovery. It can take several days or even weeks. But someone has to do it, right? Believe it or not, I actually volunteered for this wickedly laborious photoshoot.

But in all seriousness, tropical resort photography is no less work than other photoshoots. It certainly is a welcome respite from Colorado’s long winter. Yet creating aesthetic work is never a simple task. The professional photographer must use their insight, technical skill and creative resolve to tell the story.

Miramar beach is featured iin this tropical resort photography
A man walks solo on tranquil seaside at dusk on the uncrowded Miramar beach in Colima.
Nature photography visual of rocky shore is for sale.
Tropical resort photography by nature photographer, Sophia Floyd.

Colima Coast Tropical Resort Photography

Images in this article illustrate the relaxed tenor of Club Santiago and Vida Del Mar in Colima. South of Puerto Vallarta and just north of Manzanillo, these resorts are far less congested than others. And that makes them special. 

The condominiums depicted here were purchased by friends and relatives from the Denver area. So in this sense, the association Mexicolo, is a bit like a timeshare. Each member or family pay yearly dues. They then make reservations for 10 days and take their turn. Rentable condos in these two resorts go for $600 per day on average. So at $15 per day, Mexicolo friends are rewarded for their investment.

Action resort photography in Mexico of paddleboarders.
Paddleboarders explore the coves along Espinazo del diablo, a visitor attraction in Colima, Mexico
Vida Del Mar swimming pool shoes ocean view.
The pool view at Vida Del Mar overlooks ocean.
Resort photography of swimming ladies at Vida del Mar near Manzanillo Mexico
Tropical resort photography at Vida Del Mar is gorgeous.
The impressive ocean view with Vida Del Mar in the foreground never gets tiresome. Condos go for about $600 per night.

Tropical resort photography is much more than just creating pretty postcard pictures. It’s about expressing the spirit of the resort in storytelling visuals. Revealing what makes a resort special, elicits new visitors. And that’s the secret ingredient that separates professional resort photography from amateur snapshots. 

Photographer Mike Butler explains what makes the professional photographer valuable in his article: “Resort Photography – What is it, and why is it so important?” 

For my photoshoot in Colima Mexico, I was fortunate to be accompanied by a second photographer. Landscape artist Sophia Floyd offers her unique vision through-the-lens for this project. Her images displayed herein demonstrate deftness through artistic finesse. She prefers a more subtle watermark, so look closely to see her images.

Coastal view picture show resort
The condos of Vida Del Mar overlook rocky cliffs. The waters are ideal for snorkel scuba diving.
An elegant guest of Club Santiago strolls near uncrowed pool.
One of the exception qualities of the shoreline and restaurants of Miramar beach is its uncrowded ambience. The 1979 film 10 with Julie Andrews, Dudley Moore and Bo Derek were filmed Miramar Beach.
Image herein is an architectural photo with two passerbys of Club Santiago in Colima Mexico
Just a two block walk to the beach, tropical resort photography in this image shows the exterior of the Club Santiago Condos.
Nature photography of Miramar beach at sunset
Lifestyle photography representing beach life of Miramar Colima
Beachlife photography shows family activities in the warm climes of central Mexico.
Tropical resort beach photography shows rugged shorline of Vida Del Mar in Colima Mexico.
The rocky coast at the base of Vida Del Mar offers spectacular scuba and snorkel diving. The rugged beach is a short walk from the calmer waves of Miramar Beach at Club Santiago.

The two resorts are quite different, even though just a relatively short walk away. Both maintain lovely pools and immaculate gardens. Vida Del mar is built on the steep slopes and cliffs overlooking a rugged rocky beach ideal for snorkeling and diving. Club Santiago is nestled just 2 blocks from the exquisite sand beaches of Miramar. Bothe resorts bristle with activities like golf, tennis and water sports

Many visitors access the beach through the amazing consistent Oasis Ocean Club. Extraordinarily innovative Mexican-Mediterranean cuisine, with strong Asian influence is not to be missed

Tropical resort photography in these images depicts condos and walkways of Vida Del Mar.
Resort photography of Portozul Hotel Suites & Spa
This shot of Portozul Hotel Suites & Spa on Miramar beach was done just a second before a wave crashed into the photographer (me).
Lifestyle photography for resort brosure depicts sea kayaking and swimming in waves.
Sea kayaking by Danitours and swimming in the waves are some of the activities on Miramar Beach in Colima.
Photography of Club Santiago entrance shows quaint ambience.
Interior resort photography of Mexicolo’s Club Santiago Condo conveys charm.
Interior photography of Vida Del Mar reveals fine window view.

Resort photography capturing birds of Miramar Beach Colima birds
Coastal and tropical resort photography is an opulent haven for birds and birders alike. Here are a few varieties of the birds of Miramar in Colma Mexico.
Travel photography sunset Manzanillo Mexico.
Sunset visual from Vida Del Mar along the Miramar Beach coastline in Colima, Mexico shows the shipping port Manzanillo in the far distance.

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