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Colorado Family Photoshoot Fun

Colorado family photoshoot fun was a quick blend to a previous photoshoot and blog story –– Executive Photography For Executive Coach. No sooner had the photoshoot for Kari Granger of the Granger Network wrapped, Kari’s family arrived for the second part of photography fun.

Colorado Family PhotoshootColorado Family PhotoshootFamily photoshoots will always be fun for me. Over the years, my business has evolved from consumer based to commercial clients. But I will always cherish and be grateful for family and child photography photoshoots.

Photographers everywhere know the times have changed. Clever phone camera and advanced resolution displaces a need for professional family photography. And while electronic image versions on a hand-held device is truly a convenient way to store and display memories and faces, we all love real photographic prints from professional photographers hung on walls.

Family Photoshoot

Memorable moments exist everywhere when we step back to notice. As Matt Granger carried his daughter up a hill I asked them to stop and suggested He kiss his daughters forehead. Direction in family photography is a subtile thing. 

Family Photography Portrait

Family Portrait PhotographyColorado family PhotoshootColorado Family PhotoshootColorado Family Photoshoot

Deciding which version to use, color, sepia, B&W or a mix, is often an image maker’s dilemma.

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