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Owners of small businesses have their arms full with a multiplicity of hourly chores and projects. And marketing-photographers marketing themselves (after aiding other businesses in marketing) often fall short. There’s a finite amount of time in one hour – usually about 60 minutes. And marketing-photographers (and other small business people) are left with the 59th and 60th minutes to devote to their own marketing.

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So what to do?

The easiest solution is to hire and pay a professional marketing photographer to market your unique brand. The creation and usage of well executed professional photography cannot be overstated. The best photographers are always the ones who charge the most. Everyone knows that.


Imagine that we lived in the day when brick & mortar business was our only business option. Imagine that your business location is right in the heart of the quaintest part of town on the quaintest street (outside of a Hollywood film studio). Your business neighbors diligently paint the facades of their shops with the most avant-garde colors. They’ve created cute readable signage. And they proudly arrange their wares behind shiny glass windows. But in order to save money, you hired a 14 year old cousin to design your storefront. And your single small window hasn’t been cleaned since Harry met Sally.

Brick and mortar business live in the age of cyber circulation too. And every business person should remember that superior uncommon imagery is an invitation to buy and hire.

Signage =  Headline.

Paint = Photography

Your your personal portrait = The window to your shop.



Engage a professional photographer to create, explore and inspire. Make the process of a professional entrepreneur or an executive photo-shoot fun. Be patient and allow original conceptions to evolve. Collaborate with your marketing-photographer marketing you. Rely on your joint decisions.

This example of marketing-photographers marketing themselves is a 6×8 card printed by 4BY6.


A Fulcrum Trio – Marketing Photographers Marketing Your Image


Once superior images are in place, the question persists – what to do?

  1. Treat your clients right! When we meet professionals, we expect a friendly handshake. We like to be looked squarely in the eye. We trust a soft smile.  Our professional portrait is no different. Our photograph is our introduction. It launches relationships and sets forth a path that can lead to a lifetime of mutual achievement. Create a collection of varied professional portraits and editorial – action images that can be published in print and on the web.
  2.  The era of print is not over. Introduce yourself to new business with well designed printed material. Send it by mail, hand it out personally and use it in magazines and newspapers. The tactile feel of beautifully presented photography will always impress.
  3. Pay homage to the lord engines of cyber heaven. Small business and marketing photographers alike, must explore and impress cyber robots. Without online exposure, your business gas-tank is empty.



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