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As Denver people photographers, We love expressive portraits! And when clients encourage creativity, the photo-shoot is not just more fun – it’s more productive.

Creativity is about losing inhibitions. Creativity is born from experimentation.

I’ll never grow tired of making exquisite “normal” portraits for executive clients and commercial people photography projects. And my savvy expertise (brag brag) ensures that the final business portrait will exceed my clients expectations. But every once in a while, I get the opportunity to try something a little different. Every once in a while, I get a client like Troy West.

A young engaging entrepreneur, Troy is a lifestyle financial planner and coach with a heart of gold. He takes a comprehensive and consultative approach with each of his unique clients. He sees the big picture in achieving his clients objectives.

We had so much fun during this photo-shoot. The big spacious studio allowed for our ideas to spawn new ideas and by the end of the session Troy was lunging toward the camera like superman.


I love this expressive business portrait of entrepreneur troy west.

Expressive business portrait of CEO entrepreneur Troy West.



People photographers who are based in Denver have always faced the dual task of fulfilling their current clients visions one the one hand, while still attracting new clients. As  Denver people photographers who have been fortunate to glean new work from past clients’ recommendations, we didn’t have to do much marketing. New business has come our way as a result of favorable accolades from the people I photographed. But a percentage of new work always comes from individuals and businesses who are less familiar with my work and the longstanding reputation of DeCroce – Denver people photographers. In the old days, business relied on printed publications. In the world of the internet, we try to get noticed by search engines.

Now this is where something has gone afoul. My website has become invisible to Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines.

Up until recently, I enjoyed success with SEO organic listings. For example, Google-searches, using keywords like “corporate photographer” or “executive portrait photographer” displayed many DeCroce images. Suddenly, at about the same time that I updated my landing page (October 2015), all images coming from disappeared from the search engines. The only images that show up now are the ones that have been posted on my blog-site or published elsewhere. In fact, a search for my main domain shows only one image from the “review” tab on my website.

I’ve communicated with agents from Google as well as my website host, but the issue is now several months old. And I must say, it’s rather frustrating. Keyword searches are still showing newly posted images from this website – So in order to push some of the old photographs farther down the viewing screen, I need to post lots of new stories with and interesting professional photographs.

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