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Photography for Executive Women and Entrepreneurs Series: Keri Blair & The Style Studio


Executive Photography for Executive Women in Business and Entrepreneurs

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to photograph hundreds of women entrepreneurs, attorneys, CEOs, writers, judges and artists. This post is part of a series representing photography of executive women and women entrepreneurs.


It was serendipitous timing. During a very busy stretch in the summer of 2015, I received a call from a bank in Florida inquiring about the usage of an executive portrait they spotted on my website. Then the next week, the same client who was the subject of the inquiry, called to schedule a new business portrait photo-shoot.

I first photographed Kerri Blair about six years ago in her home office near the Tech Center. I remember the photo-shoot as an exuberant one as we experimented with several diverse ideas and changes of attire. Keri is an internationally recognized image consultant and personal stylist, so the photograph that Keri would use on her own publicity had to be precise. The results were terrific.
The first picture of this post is from that initial photo-shoot years ago. Not only did the image help both me and Keri to garner new business, but a giant poster of it now welcomes banking customers somewhere in Florida.
CEO of the Style Studio, Keri has been tremendously successful and now owns a fantastic boutique in Cherry Creek North. The Style Studio by Keri Blair helps people of all sorts to achieve their best selves.
“For Keri, the most fulfilling aspect of being a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant is in working with CEOs, executives, professionals in every field as well as stay-at-home moms.”
Posted after the first image are a few examples from our recent business portrait photo-shoot at Keri’s Cherry creek location.
Be sure to check out DeCroce Photography to see many more women executive portraits and entrepreneurs. We photograph men too!




This vibrant head-shot of Keri, created several years ago for her own website, was recently purchased by a Florida bank to be used in their advertising and marketing promotions.

Keri Blair in her Cherry Creek location - The Style Studio by Keri Blair.

Keri Blair in her Cherry Creek location – The Style Studio by Keri Blair.


I love this elegant black and white portrait photograph of a woman executive entrepreneur. 


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