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Denver Photographer 2015 Award

The Denver Photography 2015 award – Video or Still, was again given to DeCroce Photography. We’re proud to win this hip crystal blue award as recognition of excellence in Denver photography. Now in our 55th year in business, DeCroce photography was founded in 1960 by Edward A. and Signe DeCroce.


The 2015 Denver Photographer award given to DeCroce Photography.


Awards for photographers in Denver do help attract new clients. But SEO blogging, tweeting, creating/distributing brochures and communicating regularly with existing clients are some of the keys to thriving in this business of photography. An excellent article in the ASMP website details a few more strategies for Commercial photographers.

As a Denver photographer who does his own marketing, I’ve had success in recent years attracting both corporate and commercial clients. Today’s storefront is very much tied not only to a professional photographer’s website but also search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO efforts a great site might rarely be seen.

But sometimes we all get a little overwhelmed with new photography projects and with our own personal lives to adequately stay current our own marketing plans. This is my mea culpa!  I’ve been a bad boy this spring and early summer. In fact, I took a two month vacation from making any new changes to the DeCroce Photography website. And my blog posts have been sparse.

Well the good part is that there’s no shortage of new material. And in the coming weeks and months, visitors will be seeing a wide variety of stories. That’s a promise!

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