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Business group portraits and corporate head-shots do need a professional photographer.

Corporate group photography for fun.


Since there’s no line item for aesthetics, 
measuring ROI with regards to professional photography is a tricky proposition.
And given the many factors that go into a successful marketing campaign,
it’s difficult to gauge the effect of PPPP (professional people and portrait photography)
at a high level versus low end professional or amateur photography.
Marketing dollars have clearly drifted away from traditional outlays like photography for brochures,
magazine advertisements or even annual reports.  Organizations instead are focusing, with mixed results,
on the digital world of social media and mobile devices.  But when it comes to pro-photography,
firms and professionals cut corners or simply don’t step back to truly see their own branding.
As a result, the modern standard for what counts as a professional portrait or head-shot has plummeted.
The same rigor applied to bottom line based analyses would be well spent in the world of design.
Professional web designers and photographers alike, bring new creativity born from salty trial and error.
Financial firm SJHW represented here wanted a mix of professional head-shot portraits and business group photography.

Formal business group photography on white seamless.

Head-shots on white





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