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Hope Wilson: Business Woman with a big heart.

The thought of photography for business professionals and executive portraits might conjure

images of a man behind a desk or a perfectly lit studio portrait.
But those are pictures of the past.  I prefer real-to-life executive portraits and business pictures.
Hope Wilson scheduled her business photo-shoot just a week before we got together.
She needed a new head-shot for Linkedin and she liked my style.
When Hope told me that she liked the way my portraits seem to bring out the personality of my subjects,
I knew we were going to make interesting business portraits.
So we walked the streets of lower downtown Denver
on a weekend afternoon just talking and looking for good light and color.
It was an enchanting experience.  The day was windy, and clouds played peek-a-boo with the sun,
but in a way those were just the right conditions to portray a savvy business woman with a big heart.
Hope is president and a senior consultant for Wilson Business Growth Consultants.
She embodies one of those rare combinations of brains, great looks and a desire too make the earth a better place.
Hope is passionate about improving the quality of life for our global community
through sustainable infrastructure development.
She’s worked with stakeholders in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa to advance her goal.
“Hope has distinguished herself as a strong leader in international infrastructure development;
she can go a long way in impacting many lives in this world.” – United Nations Member

This could be my all time favorite executive portrait.

The red cloth was part of a construction site. I edited out the shadow of the chain linked fence.

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