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Executive Portraits on Location: International Speech Consultant Lynda Spillane

Environmental Executive Portraits at Capitol: Lynda Spillane.


Internationally recognized as an expert in Public Performance and Communication, Lynda Spillane is a dynamic personality. She’s taught over 8,000 dignitaries throughout the world in Public Performance, Leadership, and Managerial Psychology & Motivation. Her portfolio of clients includes like likes of President Obama and Margaret Thatcher.


Lynda first called contacted me in 2012 to set up an executive photography photo-shoot.  She wanted a new business portrait that would reflect her success.   After several discussions we settled on the Colorado Stare Capitol as our environment.  And the session was as fun as it was fruitful.  Together with her partner Joe Hernandez, we accomplished several unique photographic portraits in action of each individual and as a group portrait.

Dynamic executive portrait of international speech and performance consultant Lynda Spillane.


The Colorado Capitol was a terrific environment for these business portraits of Lynda Spillane.


Spillane is an internationally acclaimed public speaking expert with over 30 years of academic study and teaching in the fields of human behavior, Oratory, Theater, Performance, Voice Technique, Logic, Rhetoric and Persuasion.




Business-Team Photo-Denver-Capitol

Lynda Spillane along with business partner Joe Hernandez at the Capitol in Denver.


Lynda Spillane and Joe Hernandez offer extraordinary transformations for professional career success in public speaking and negotiating.





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