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International Business Portraits at the Capitol

Portraits for International Business Negotiator Joe Hernandez


Environmental business photography can sometimes be a challenging photo-shoot.  Getting CEOs and other top business professionals to relax for photography often means using psychology and other methods to help them translate their strongest leadership traits into a physical visual form.

But sometimes great business poses just happen.  Working with international negotiator Joe Hernandez was one of those times that the character of the person in the suit allowed me to abandon preconceived ideas and create strong natural portraits.  Working with Joe was like working with a professional actor.




Denver portrait Artist Photograph

International business negotiator Joe Hernandez portrait on location at capitol.

Joe Hernandez is an international authority on high-level negotiation skills and techniques. He resides in the United States and consults throughout the world.

Together with Lynda Spillane, an international public speaking consultant, he has developed a unique methodology of negotiating that utilizes theories of psychology and influence as its foundation. He has proven that high level negotiating is about understanding human behavior, thorough preparation, and developing credible relationships across the table.

Many negotiation coaches have insisted that all negotiations can be accomplished using only one proven methodology. Joe believes, and has consistently proven over a 30-year career, that business negotiations are not the same as any other kind of negotiation. Business negotiations are different from negotiating with one’s spouse or child, different from negotiating for a car, and different from negotiating a good price for a new set of tires. This is because business negotiations provide the opportunity to create more control, more options, and more reasons to reach agreement.

Lynda Spillane and Joe Hernandez together have over 70 years of study, research and experience in the fields of human communications. They have developed unique approaches to negotiation and public speaking skills that draw from the fields of psychology, communications, rhetoric, theatre, negotiation, human conflict and persuasion.

Joe is in demand as a keynote speaker and works as a lead consultant on high value deals to many prestigious clients worldwide.

Environmental Corporate Portrait Denver

The environmental photo-shoot at the Colorado Capitol provided for strong vertical Executive portraiture.

Striking Black and White Executive Portrait

This enduring black and white executive portrait of joe Hernandez was captured at the Colorado Capitol in the room that displays the portraits of past Governors.

Lynda Spillane and Joe Hernandez offer extraordinary transformations for professional career success in public speaking and negotiating.





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