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Elegant Wedding in Vail Photography

The Wedding of Kelly and Matt in Vail last weekend was perfect.
Friends and family shed tears of joy and even the sky cried  (but not at the wrong times).
Kelly and Matt glistened on this surreal day.
And their wedding photography in Vail could not have been more fun.
Here’s a quick peek at a few of our favorites.

Kelly and Matt were coaxed into performing an impromptu first wedding dance on Vail street near Pepi's.


Vail Wedding Photographers




Mountain Wedding Photographers Vail


Wedding photography in Vail

Full of emotion and charm, Kelly was a delightful bride to photograph.




The blue sky showed no threat of rain when Kelly and Matt began dressing at their mountain villa near Vail Cascade.  And the home was the ideal spot for Vail wedding photography preparation pictures.

I was accompanied by my old friend, world renowned German photographer Hardy Klahold.  And our third photographer and new friend was Melissa Cinnamon, with whom I plan to create documentary photographs for, which she and her husband Joel founded.


Kelly forgot the veil in the Vail shuttle bus.

Kelly had been planning this day for well over a year, and with the help of her mom Judy and Katie Hess, the wedding was perfect. As the guests entered the Interfaith Chapel in Vail, the first few drops of rain fell.  And then suddenly a problem.  Kelly forgot the veil in the Vail shuttle bus.  The driver raced the veil back to The Vail Chapel before anyone noticed.
After the ceremony and Catholic mass, we did a few formal family pictures before hurrying off to walk through the streets of Vail.  The whole wedding party arrived at Pepi’s where Kelly and Matt were coaxed into performing an impromptu wedding dance on the Vail street.
The rain continued to stay away as we headed for the Donovan Pavilion.  My old buddy Murray opened the festivities with a heartfelt toast to his daughter Kelly and his new son Matt.  The reception was magnificent.
We snuck away for some photographs amongst the wildflowers just before the big rain came.  And the guests danced the night away to the sounds of The Jerry Barnett Orchestra and Moments Notice.
Thank You Kelly and Matt.  It was an was honor for us to photograph your perfect wedding.


Vail Interfaith Chapel photos


Wedding photography at Vail Interfaith chapel

Vail-bride-photography-in window

The window light at the top of the stairs at the Vail Interfaith Chapel would be perfect for this moment.

Vail wedding photography from balcony at vail interfaith Chapel


Wedding photograph in Vail

Timeless black and white wedding photography in Vail.


Wedding-photography-Vaildocumentary wedding photos Vail

Kelly forgot the veil in the Vail shuttle bus. But the driver quickly returned it.

Wedding photos Vail ColoradoColorado wedding photographers mountainVail village wedding day photo

Vail Village is perfect for romantic wedding photography

Vail wedding photography

photographers in vailVail shuttle bus wedding photo

Murray opened the festivities at the Donovan with a heartfelt toast to his daughter Kelly and his new son Matt.

Colorado wedding documentary photography VailTop Colorado wedding photographersVail mountain wedding photography

We snuck away for some Vail wedding photography in the wildflowers just before the big rain came.

Black and white wedding toast in Vail Colorado Photo


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