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Pakistani / Indian Wedding Photography at the Broadmoor




Teaming up with other Denver photographers is always a blast.
And working with the best wedding photographer-Denver based Hardy Klahold isn’t work at all.
It’s just a couple of seasoned wedding photographers doing what they most enjoy.
On this day, the light was perfect, the bride was immaculate, and the groom was elegant.
The wedding reception of Pakistani bride Tara to Indian groom Basil at The Broadmoor was nothing short of magnificent.  It was Hardy’s client and his style of documentary wedding photography meant he would stay with the bride Tara.
As the second photographer, it was my job to concentrate on the groom.  In a few days Hardy
will return the favor and be my second.  We’re off to the Donovan Pavilion at Vail to photograph the wedding of always effervescent Kelly and her handsome groom Matt.
To photograph Tara and Basil’s wedding reception at the Broadmoor was to photograph a prince
and a princess.  Genuinely kind souls whose soft way of speaking English keeps the ears
wanting more, this was a bride and groom who inspired beautiful photography.

Indian-wedding photography

Black and white wedding photographs.

As the lead wedding photographer, it’s not often I’ve had the opportunity to photograph

the groom getting ready.  But on this day, I was delighted to spend time with Basil.
There was nobody else there.  As our conversations drifted from culture to job history,
I recorded his movements. We waited for the call telling us that the bride was ready for over an hour.
But the time passed quickly while I made wedding portraits at some of the Broadmoor’s finest spots.
Truly an elegant groom, Basil was a joy to photograph.
Broadmoor wedding photographers

Black and white wedding photography

Indian wedding photos in Colorado

Waiting for the bride to dress gave the opportunity for interesting broom portraits and wedding documentary photography of Basil.

Indian wedding groom photosIndian wedding photographers


Black and white wedding photos

Black and white wedding documentary photography

Pakistani wedding photographs

Tender moment at Broadmoor wedding photograph

Indian wedding Photography ColoradoBride profile pictures

Tara was a most beautiful and gracious bride as shown in these wedding day photos

Wedding dance photo

This might be one of the best wedding dance photographs I ever made

dancing men at wedding photos

Broadmoor wedding day photos

Hoisting groom photoIndian wedding photography

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