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Aerial Photography Shoot for Louisville Colorado

Aviation photography assignments demand keen attention to details.

So when city planner, Sean McCartney from Louisville, said he needed over 20 aerial photos,
we did quite a lot of homework before the flight.
Denver photographers at DeCroce never know what the next job will be.
But we have a staff of photographers adept in many categories
of commercial and corporate photography.
tremendous advice and useful tips for this job.
Fine-art photographer Zach Singer cut his teeth on aerial photography
while shooting for Greenpeace back in the old days of film.
I was lucky to team up with pilot Ben Porter of Colorado HELI-OPS.
Located just moments away from the outskirts of Louisville, HELI-OPS is a recognized
leader in helicopter Pilot training, with specialization
and experience in high altitude and mountain flying.
They offer city scenic tours, mountain tours and photographic flights
in addition to pilot training.

The Robinson R44 at sunrise ready for takeoff. Colorado Heli-Ops removed the passenger door providing a clearer view for aerial photography and a better thrill.


Ben Porter was the consummate helicopter pilot offering assistance
before and during the flight.  Even after hours of preparation studying aerial maps,
Ben was a big help in locating landmarks from the air.
And the aerial photo-shoot for Louisville Colorado was a resounding success.
In fact, Louisville city planner, Sean McCartney had this to say.  “Everyone is very impressed
with your work so you should feel very pleased at what you provided.”
Colorado Heli-Ops Pilot

Ben Porter of Colorado Heli-Ops prepares the Robinson R44 for flight over Colordo. Photojournalism is a big part of what we do at DeCroce.



When I wasn't making aerial photographs of Colorado, I kept busy shooting photos of pilot Ben Porter from Colorado Heli-Ops.




Aviation-Photographer-Edward DeCroce-in-action

Pictures of Denver based photographer Edward DeCroce were made by Dennis Pierce from Colorado Heli-Ops. THANK YOU Dennis. It was an exhilarating flight.

Pilot Ben Porter from Colorado Heli-Ops poses for headshot Portrait in Colorado.



Looking west over Boulder Colorado. Shot by the aviation photographers in Colorado from DeCroce.

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