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Advertising Photo Shoot Denver for The Pinnacle at City Park-South

Denver commercial photography is sometimes a compilation of two or more separate images.

While working with the art directors from the Firestone advertising,

the commercial photographers from DeCroce photography in Denver

shot against a green screen indoors on a rainy day.

From hundreds of images of the real-life condo owners at the Pinnacle, only a few

were selected by the Firestone art directors.

These best commercial photography photos Denver were then

superimposed onto the interior photographs in Denver shot at the Pinnacle.


Pinnacle at City Park South offers downtown Denver condo living

with a vast spectrum of Denver views, luxury finishes and extensive amenities.

At The Pinnacle you will find Denver’s most stunning Condo living filled

with light and style then infused with an urban attitude.

The commercial photographers Colorado from DeCroce photography have often worked with a green screen to achieve what art directors envision.  And as commercial photographers in Denver we also work hard to get the right advertising photo in one shot.

Colorado attracts and nourishes rugged outdoor individualism.  So it’s no surprise that most of our commercial photography in Colorado is authentic action photography throughout Colorado and the west.


The wine room at The Pinnacle offers an inviting warm background for this commercial advertising photo in Denver


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