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As longtime Denver photographers, we know our clients find fault in the little flaws about themselves that others might not even notice.  Many Denver business photography clients say things like, “Can you make my nose bigger (or smaller)”  and, “Please soften the wrinkles.”

But on the flip side, I remember one elderly executive joking “how dare you take away my wrinkles, I worked hard for every one of them.”   Indeed, Mrs. Vessels and her husband Tom, had worked very hard building their oil business in Denver.  But part of being a good photographer is knowing how much reality to leave in and how much diminish to the blemishes and lines.  No one wants to look like a Norman rockwell painting, yet we’re surprised how many times newby photographers over-retouch and smooth their clients skin too much. As my friend, German wedding photographer Hardy Klahold would say, “It looks ironed.”

From an editorial photographer Denver perspective, the reality of facial lines and flaws is not just the story but the art.  And in a world free from little things like bills and mortgage, our aim of making editorial art would be king.  But we’ve found something close to the sweet middle spot where diminished flaws don’t really distract from the realty of the person.  At least not too much.

In this executive portrait Denver location photograph, a few lines have been retouched a bit and her eyes have been lightened.  But the big change was in the hair.  The crack retouching department at DeCroce Photography Denver did a fine job of taming wild hairs without destroying the fresh and natural feel of this Denver corporate Photograph portrait on location.

So please do let us know your opinion on the subject and the photograph.

Corporate Denver business head shot photo

Many viewers have commented that this is a great corporate headshot of a woman. The business location head shot in Denver has been retouched without taking away character or personality



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