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Youngest scout for commercial photo-shoot in Colorado?

Scouting new locations for commercial photo-shoots in Colorado is always a fun task, especially when accompanied by my eight year old assistant Levi.  As we walked across the grassy meadow towards the granite bluffs, I remember my astute helper saying “Papa, this is too flat for good pictures”.  And he was right.

I did capture what I think are some stunning images of our corporate subject in the grassy meadow.  But the art director ultimately made his choice from the images taken among the rocks.  And it was my companion’s idea to check out the steep granite.  Whenever Levi and I go hiking, he’s the navigator.  He reads the maps and decides which trails should be followed. And on this day, he lead us on almost an eight mile trek.  I was breathing pretty heavy as he ran up and then back down over the mountainous terrain at Algerfer park.  Strangers are always surprised to learn he wears a prosthetic leg.  And as evidenced from these photographs, he’s never let a silly thing like an amputated leg slow him down.


Boy Wears Prosthetic Leg while climbing rocks

Never slowed down by his prosthetic leg, Levi loves to climb on rocks.


Trekking eight miles on prosthetic leg whilst scouting for photo-shoot


Boy with prothetic leg on mountain

Levi does an impression of an eight year old boy (left). And rests after supper (right)


Scouting for photography assignments in Colorado is always fun.  There’e no pressure and no time constraint.  It’s a perfect opportunity to just relax and plan.  Creative endeavors are usually enhanced by a little forethought.  And whenever possible, I like to bring Levi along… his presence allows me to see the job from a different perspective.  He has helped me to plan Corporate photography assignments in downtown Denver and commercial photo-shoots in the mountains of Colorado.

On this day last September, we were scouting mountain bike trails for a corporate photography shoot in Colorado.  The assignment for the Journal of Accountancy was to photograph the incoming chairman of the AICPA.  The first part of the assignment involved a series of environmental portraits in downtown Denver while the second half of he one-day photo-shoot was spent illustrating one of the new chairman’s hobbies.  The idea to explore Algerfer Park near Evergreen was given to me by several other Colorado commercial photographers.  The idea to check out the granite rocks is credited completely to my clever chum.


Corporate Photography in Colorado for magazine cover



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