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Black and White

Color is beautiful – black and white is cool.

Way back in the olden days color was mostly unavailable.  I’ll never forget the excitement in the neighborhood when Mike Demong got a new color television.  All the boys hustled over to Mike’s house to watch the college football game and imbibe in Mrs. Demong’s waffles… oh they were so addicting.

These are a few examples of wedding photography in black and white.  Yes, black and white wedding pictures are cool because the color doesn’t get in the way.  And as a black and white wedding photographer, I almost always wear black and white.


Growing up in the world of black and white gave me an appreciation for the subtleties of tone and shadow. While I do think black and white is cool, my preference is for warm shades of black and gray. In the days of film, I used warm B&W paper and chemistry and I try to emulate the feel of fiber base in the digital age. It's fun to introduce my younger clients to the nuances of fine black and white.


Walking on color. Once in a while, it's ok to leave a bit of color in the image.

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