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at the D&F/Baur’s

Behind the Clock at the D&F tower in downtown Denver

Gretel and Nic’s wedding was a blast to shoot. The day centered around the old D&F tower in downtown Denver. Under a Chuppah, the ceremony was at the Skyline Park and the reception was nearby at the elegant Baurs Ristorante. Now the ironic part is that way back in the 1950’s, my father worked at Jafay studio …in the D&F tower. I couldn’t help but wondering as I photographed the wedding party behind the huge clock, if he had ever shot there.

Coordinated by Jessica Horvath (Weddings by design), everything was smooth as silk. The only hitch was that some riff raff passerby stole my camera bag containing by back-up gear, lights and batteries. My second photographer Bridget Dvorak (Bridget Marie Images) covered while I waited to speak with the police and Zach Singer (Zach Singer Photography) dropped what he was doing and delivered lights and batteries to Baurs.

You might recognize the handsome couple. The younger sister of Julia Roberts (lol), Gretel competed on the world ice skating-pairs stage in the 1990’s and Nic is currently on the USA rugby team.

Baur's Ristoranti and the D&F tower... great venues for a wedding.

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