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Dressed in Black Rocks Kat & Dom

When I returned from a weekend wedding shoot in Steamboat Springs, I just had to process the images from the rocking reception. The band, Peter Yellen’s Dressed in Black, was amazing. Throughout the dinner, I overheard many of the 200 guests comment how wonderful the 8 piece band played…….. They had know idea how great it was about to get. The versatility of Dressed in Black is impressive beyond compare. To look at the pictures you would rightly suppose that Dressed in Black is a solid savvy jazz band. But they are so much more. When Peter does David Bowie, he sounds like David bowie…. and Michael Jackson…. and Sting…. and Dave Mathews….. and and and. Don’t be fooled by Natalie’s sweet voice and elegant charisma. Her depth will leave you breathless. Peter Yellen’s group is far more than an event band. The unique style and sound of Dressed in Black motivates a crowd to move like no other.

Kat and Dom’s wedding was the dream brides imagine. After the ceremony at the Holy Name catholic church in Steamboat Springs, the couple arrived to their reception at a private residence on Catamount lake by boat.
Peter Yellen and Natalie center the eight piece band Dressed in Black
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Groom Dom performed admirably to the delight of his guests.

Bride Kat shows her moves in a stunning wedding dress with bridesmaids while the father of the bride expresses delight.

Dom’s grandparents work out o the dance floor.
Dom’s sister is dipped by her papa.
Grandma swings with young stud.

At the end of the night, the crowd wanted more. Peter Yellen’s Dressed in Black always leaves them wanting more.
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