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Wedding Dance Photography

At the Denver Botanic Gardens, this dancer was very impressive.
The Belmar center in Lakewood Colorado is a great venue to capture great wedding dance photos. The band was Peter Yellen’s band Dressed in Black. I always recommend them.

Groom does “the fish”
Groom does “the trip”
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The groom and his mum dance with the ring boy at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado. Wedding Photography is always enjoyable at the Stanley Hotel.
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The Brown Palace in Denver offers impeccable service and provides several great dance floors.
I love the expressions on all the women…..can you name the song that was playing?
This bride was a professional dancer.
This shot was done at the Grand Hyatt in Denver. Why is that man wearing sunglasses? … wasn’t very bright reaaly. The picture won 3rd place in the Wedding Photography Directory competition.
Beautiful mood, first wedding dance. This comes from the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

Even after a long day of wedding photography, I love to capture fun wedding dance pictures. To do great dance photography means you have to go that extra kilometer (or mile) even though your body is fatigued. What makes a truly compelling wedding Dance photograph isn’t just lighting and composition. The photographer must anticipate the action and look for expression. Some of my favorite venues for making wedding dance photographs are The Grand Hyatt in Denver, Cherry Hills Country Club and The Denver Country Club. The Grant Humphrey’s Mansion has a low ceiling which actually makes for interesting and easy lighting whilst the elegant Sanctuary Golf Course is a challenging but very rewarding dance venue. Tent lighting like at The Hudson Gardens always provides a nice bounce of even light but once you get outside the tent, the black night will suck up your light quickly. So having an assistant to carry a second and even a third light is a big advantage.
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