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Colorado Family Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography for Colorado Family 

Time moves fast. Photography freezes it. Of course, the Colorado family portrait photography session for the Dodge-Gepners didn’t freeze time. It just slowed time down long enough for us to look at it.


A few years ago, when my son was just 6 or 7, I tried to explain to him how fast time goes. We talked in great detail about recent history and major world events. I pointed out that WWII happened just over a decade before I was born. And “9/11” was just two years before he was born. We rehashed the chronology of recent US Presidents, then he paused and said: “Yeah papa, I see what you mean. time does go really fast – except when your right in the middle of it.”

family outdoor color portrait

Emily and Bart wanted a large canvas portrait made for their bedroom. They selected this Colorado family portrait photography image and I created a 40″x40″ canvas.



In Colorado, family portrait photography has mostly been relegated to clever phones and electronic viewing. But Emily Gepner wanted something more than that. She wanted the kind of professional photography that not only looks great, but lives beyond our own lives. I was recommended to Emily by a previous commercial client Keri Blair. Emily needed executive portraits of herself and the AECOM corporation. We both loved the results from the business photo-shoot. Soon thereafter, Emily booked me for a Colorado family portrait photography session at her home.


The family photo-shoot was extensive starting about noon. While make-up artist Kaylija Rain worked her craft on the ladies, Emily’s husband Bart and I scouted potential locations for Colorado family portrait photography.  Now Emily is a tough woman. It was only until later that I learned Emily was experiencing excruciating foot pain that would eventually need surgery. In spite of the Emily’s hardship, we all had a great time creating the images you see here. And we were all please with the results.

Emily and Bart moved to Colorado from Idaho. They’re daughters, Maylee and Anya hail from China. Together with their friendly canine companion Katie, the family now resides in a beautiful spacious home near open space south of Denver.


Colorado family portrait photography



The Dodge Gepner Colorado family portrait photography including canine Katie.

photography of girls playing

As I was busy looking at potential locations for Colorado family portrait photography, Emily tipped me off to what the girls were doing. It turned into a trio of 20x 30″ prints that hang in the living room. Editorial-portrait photography is fun to capture, and it’s the most archival.



Portrait photography of girls in ColoradoCouple with adopted Chinese girls portrait



Colorado Family Portrait Photography

Assisting for the photo-shoot was the talented make-up artist Kalyja Rain. A beautiful young woman with a huge heart,  Kalyja is also a photography student and a professional musician.  As we worked together scouting out various location ideas during the half-day Colorado family portrait photography session, I was visited by a preying Mantis. He probably jumped on my shoulder when I was lying on the ground. “Mantis” seemed to like me and stayed perched on my shoulder for many minutes. I handed a camera to Kalyja to shoot Mantis on my shirt. And when Mantis climbed onto her hand, I captured the image below.

Preying mantis on Denver photographer's shirt

They say that Preying Mantis visits are good luck. 


Preying mantis at Denver portrait photo-shoot



A friend’s passing drives gnawing pain to the gut while it rekindles the mind’s memories. We’re here together for a lifetime – a short time.

And then …. poof.

This post is about Colorado family portrait photography for Emily Gepner. She shares through her photographer’s thoughts, the life celebration of another Emily. Emily Busch passed suddenly in February.





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