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Corporate Photography – ESP Settlements

Editorial, Reportage and Executive Portrait Photography

This was a fun corporate photo-shoot for ESP Settlements. I especially like the classic style portrait of CEO Joe Costello, so that’s the last image posted. But I also like many of the business reportage meeting photographs, the executive portraits and the business group-shot portrait.

The corporate photo-shoot started, as most do, several weeks before the actually day of photography with a scouting visit to the corporate office in Englewood Colorado. As we discussed the corporation’s photography needs, I made mental notes about lighting backgrounds and ambiance. ESP marketing personnel wanted a library of executive portraits, editorial action meeting imagery and corporate team group-shot portrait photography.

Aided by assistant Natasha Braegger, we worked the entire day long corporate photo-shoot attending to each item on the shot list.



The President and CEO of ESP Settlements discuss business during corporate photo-shoot.


Denver people photographers capture portrait action of CEO & president of EPS Settlements on location.


Here’s a fine example of business group photography. Denver photographers who photograph corporate group portrait pictures like to compose modern groupings. Often clients enjoy a film-era look.


CEO executive portrait photographers

                        I love the simple elegance of this annual report style executive CEO portrait

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